8 Low-cost Ideas To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

By: Deepa Ranganathan
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Bored with the same old weary look of your kitchen? Don’t even feel like walking up to open those cabinets anymore? There, in one corner of the kitchen, lies that cabinet which made you smile, once upon a time. Today, you just wish you could do something to get it more appealing and striking.

There’s this wee bit of an issue with every piece of furniture you invest in. They hardly remain loyal and your favorites after a period of time. You just want to replace them with the model that you just saw on TV while watching your favorite flick. Change is mandatory; change is necessary. So, while we are on this topic of change and upgrades, let’s see how can you spice up your cabinets without bearing a huge hole in your pockets.

Replacing the cabinet would mean a huge cost which is not really a good idea. So, what else can you do? Probably you can try the old hat tricks to just make the old appear as new. Here are some creative ways to get a nice updated kitchen cabinet. Don your creative hat and follow one of these several tricks.

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Replace your Cabinet’s Doors
Instead of purchasing new cabinets, invest in brand new cabinet doors. Think outside the box and get some themed cabinet doors for your existing cabinets. Remodeling is a great way to update kitchen cabinets.

Reface your Cabinets
Just reface the cabinet ends by using paneling, molding or beadboard. If you just reface the kitchen cabinets, they appear as good as new to the eyes.

Trim or Box in
You don’t need to buy a new kitchen cabinet. Just jewel it up by boxing in your open cabinets or trimming the lower ends to brighten their appearance. The whole idea is to make them look as good as new.

Architectural Add-ons
Add brackets to your overhead cabinets. You can even have open shelves and breakfast tables which will turn your kitchen beautiful. You can add some corbels and other architectural moldings to add some beauty to your cabinets.

Jewel it up
Add the right piece of hardware in the right place on your cabinet and make it look as pretty as new. You can create a funky look by adding some jewel hardware pieces. Mix and match the hardware pieces.

Paint your Cabinets
Why not color your cabinets to give it a new look? Instead of having cabinets that are white in color why not paint them in different colors. You can even have some paintings made on your cabinets giving them a unique appearance. Match it with elegance and create a unique design.

Two Toned Way
How about mixing two different colors while painting your kitchen cabinet? Instead of one bright or elegant color, coating two different colors can give it a redefining look. You can even color two different cabinets in two different colors that soothe the appearance of your kitchen.

Open Shelve Culture
Instead of closing all the cabinets, you can keep a few cabinets open. Probably, you can just remove their doors and form the open cabinet culture there. You can even paint the back and insides of these open cabinets with unique or pastel colors. Probably a whole new design or color can also tone it up.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 16:34 [IST]
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