The Latest Trends In Home Decor Ideas 2014

By: Mamta Singh
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It's that time of the year again when your home takes a centre stage. It's a whole new year; you have visitors to entertain, memorable parties to throw, and bring about freshness in your life too. And, what better way to achieve all this than giving your home a deserved makeover this 2014!

Times are changing, and so are the trends. It's not necessary to do everything that the trend suggests. But, it can be a good to know what's in and what's not. And then, we all have our own judgments to filter out the stuff that we are not too comfortable with.

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Just to make your task easier, we present to you the hottest new decor ideas for 2014. They are not only fresh ideas, but are super simple to implement too. Follow the trends mentioned below, and let your home decor do the talking. Trust us, you'll thank us after going through the comprehensive list of home décor ideas, as the compliments aren't dying down anytime soon.

1)It's time to get your love for colours out. Enough of those boring beige decent shades. Paint your place with colour co-ordinated playful and fun loving shades, and sit back and watch your walls come to life.

2)To give your home a forever inviting feel, allow as much natural light to come in as possible. Nothing uplifts a place more than the outdoor natural beauty reflected inside. It brings a sense of relaxation to a place.

3)In this season, the contemporary warm charming lamps have given way to the geometric, abstract type. So, a tip on new home décor ideas for 2014: use some bright light instead of those fun lamps, and let them charm their way to your guests' hearts.

4)Also, we'd suggest you do away with those bulky, glittery chandeliers for now, and instead use some beautiful crafted and lighter-on-pockets paper lanterns, and those classy modern light fixtures. They are sure to add delight to your ceilings, and get you the best of illuminations.

5)Those pretty metals are back with a bang. Your gold, silver shades can give way to brass, rose gold and copper. Copper is a hot favorite on the list of home décor ideas for 2014. Try taking in as much of these as possible, in your newly designed chairs, tables, stools, and other furniture you can lay your hands on. Avoid going overboard with anything though.

6)History repeats itself, as is known to all. And the home decor 2014 trends are out to prove just that. Bring in as much of those safely-stowed-away-1970s antiques and paintings as possible. It just won't act as a random unique piece, but would ask for its own exclusive attention. Your guests would be forced to ask when and where you got them from.

7)Don't be shy of using velvets and satins this season. In 2014, new home décor ideas are all about bringing a royal, regal touch to your upholstery. This will also give a soft and plush feel to your home. Try using indigo, navy blue, blushing pinks or even gray with your cushions and your sheets, and you wouldn't be left disappointed.

8)Kitchens are no more the places to be hidden away. They should be as welcoming as the rest of your home. You can use marbles, abstract tiles or even wooden slabs; mix them up with some fun metal pieces, and you would have them drawing attention like never before. Add in some delicate lights and your kitchen will turn into a sheer delight.

In short, this season is all about playing with abstract geometric shapes and bold colors. Use our home decorating ideas for 2014 and experiment to your heart's content. So, keep it stylish and stunning.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 20:19 [IST]
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