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Best Plants To Decorate Your Living Room


Indoor plants can brighten up the atmosphere of your home. Apart from the decoration, plants are also very important in today's polluted environment. It is especially true in case of the big cities, where there is hardly any space between the houses. As a result of this, the gases and pollutants rarely get a chance to escape from the interiors of the house. Hence, our houses have become havens for allergens and pollutants causing different diseases.

In such case, having indoor plants seems like a good idea. Indoor plants add a different charm to your living room settings. It adds to the vibrancy of the place and is also extremely good for your health. Plants help maintain a pure and healthy air level at home. So, here we have listed some plants which will not only survive indoors but will give a beautiful look to your living room boosting the vibrancy of the place.

Here goes the list of best plants for your living room:

  • Areca Palm: Areca palm is an excellent plants for your living room. This plant is a great humidifier and removes carbon dioxide and toxins from the air. You can easily place this plant near your sofa or couch. If you can place it near a window then it would be even better.
  • Snake Plant: It is also a great plant to have in your living room as well as your bed room. This plant maintains a healthy level of oxygen in the house. It also looks extremely stylish due to its spiral growth.
  • Aloe Plant: Now who doesn't know the numerous benefits of aloe vera? This plant helps to clear out pollutants from the air and reduces the impact of harmful chemicals present in air.
  • Rubber Plant: It is one of the easiest plant to grow. It cleans the air of the harmful toxins. It can thrive in cooler climate and indirect sunlight. It is a beautiful and low maintenance plant you can keep in your living room.
  • Money Plant: One of the common plant seen in most of the houses. It is just good for about any room of the house. It especially looks beautiful in the living room where it has a bigger place to creep and climb.

Decorate your living room with these plants and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere in your home.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 27, 2013, 16:31 [IST]