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Ways To Create Wall Designs

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If you are bored of the usual and boring wall designs then there is nothing to worry. There is no need to call in an interior designer any more. You yourself can create many funky designs by picking up some very common things at your house. There are a plethora of choices to pick from. Wall designs on a single wall of the room would be an excellent home decor idea. Wall designs on more than one wall in the house can make it look clumsy. Here are a few easy and funky wall painting ideas.

Basics- Keep some basic rules in mind before you go for wall designs. Rub off all the dirt on the wall with a coarse paper. Now take some white paint and a brush. Paint the wall white as a base coat. Wall designs must be made by selecting two contrasting colours to make it prominent.

Wall Designs

Sponge- Want some clouds on your wall? Put these wall painting ideas to practice to get such a wall in your house. Take the colour of your choice and paint the whole wall with a roller. Leave it for a day and let it dry. Now take a sponge and another bucket of colour. Dip the sponge in it and pat it on various places on the wall. You will find your walls filled with lovely clouds after this.

Hands- This wall decor idea is best suited for your kids room. Paint the wall with a roller with the colour of your choice. Now take two to three more colours and dip your hands in them. Place your hands on the wall wherever you want the patterns. You can also do this with a single colour. This is a very funky design to sport in your house.

Paper- Paint the walls with a roller first . After it dries up, take another roller and wrap with some newspapers. Dip this into the other wall colour and pass it all over the wall. This an excellent home decorating idea as it will create a wonderful and uniform texture all over the wall.

Boxes- Go for a uniform coating of a single tone colour first. After it dries up ask someone to hold a box on the wall. Paint inside the box with a different colour. Repeat these with two or more boxes in the same line. This is one of the wall painting ideas that will make your room look all the more elegant.

Each of these home decor idea for creating wall designs can save you a lot of money and at the same time earn you appreciations.

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