7 Decorating Ideas With Bed Sheets

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Change is the key to lead a healthy and fresh life. You do not need to throw away the old bed-sheets once they lose colour and shine. Reuse the old bed-sheets to decorate your home in various ways. If you have hobby of changing the decor of your bedroom, then keep the company of your old bed-sheets. Cotton, satin or silk bed-sheets will suit different decorating purposes. Reuse things to decorate your house.

Instead of throwing away the old bed-sheets use these creative ideas to decorate your house.

Decoration With Bed-sheets

Window Curtains- If you have a beautiful floral print cotton bed-sheet, then you may easily use it as your window curtain on a hot summer day. Fold the bed-sheet according to the size of the window and sew the hem to make a window curtain. You can even cover your window valance with it. A readymade window curtain will cost you a good deal if you have to buy it from the market.

Iron Board Cover- Covering an iron board with an old bed-sheet is one if the best decorating ideas for your home. Take an old cotton bed-sheet and pin it up to the underside of an ironing board. If possible use a bright coloured bed-sheet for the purpose.

Cushion Covers- Have an old satin or silk bedspread? Well instead of throwing it in the trash make some cushion covers for your home. Take the bed-sheet to a tailor and tell him/her to make some cushion covers of the desired measurements. And in case you know how to stitch, take the bed-sheet and get started with a sewing machine. Its all the more better if you can do embroidery on them.

Table Covers- Covering centre or study tables with bed-sheets is one of the most awesome decorating ideas. Take an old cotton bed-sheet and cut it according to the size of the table. Stitch it on the sides. Use your creativity by adding some lace or beads on the sides of the cover. You may even stitch and make some beautiful patterns on the cover.

Laundry Bags- Use your old bedspread to make a sack bag out of it. Use this as your laundry bag and store clothes inside it. Use this idea of reusing old things to add some colour to your space and living.

Try these decorating ideas for your home and see how even old things can add to the beauty and elegance of your interiors.

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