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How To Decorate Kids Room On Janmashtami?

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Kids Room In Janmashtami
Janmashtami is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus. This day is celebrated all over India with great rejoicing. People decorate their homes and make sweets to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Kids play a special role on this day of festivity. They are dressed up as Krishna and a playful atmosphere is created all around in the house. Here are some easy tips to decorate your kids room this Janmashtami.

Paintings- In order to go for a theme decoration for your kids room on Janmashtami you can fix some pictures of Lord Krishna on the walls of. Select those in which Lord Krishna has been depicted as a child. This will enthral the mind of your kid and even they would take interest in the occasion.

Dahi Handi- If you want to decorate your home the proper way on Janmashtami, then hang a dahi handi in the room of your kid. This perfectly symbolises Krishna as a 'Makhan Chor'. Hang it within his/her reach and then tell them to break it with whatever they can. This will be a fun part of the whole day and your kid will definitely like it.

Peacock Feathers- Decorate the room of your kid with peacock feathers on the birthday of Krishna. Krishna is always depicted with a peacock feather in his all images. So, why leave it out on this occasion. You can stick some feathers together on the wall and create a fan like shape. You can even keep some feathers on the study table of the kid.

Flowers- You must decorate the room of your kids with flowers, as this is the most important part of a Janmashtami decoration. Arrange for flower garlands and decorate your kids room by hanging it from the walls and the door.

Palna- Arrange for a palna in your kids room and attach a string or a rope with the palna. Give this in the hands of your kid and tell them to pull at it. You must place a small idol of Krishna in the palna. Decorate the palna with flowers as it will make it look a way more good and attractive.

Krishna's Feet- Most of the people draw Krishna's feet on this festival. The feet is symbolic of the belief that on this day Lord Krishna shall come into their homes and bring in prosperity. Paint your kids room with Krishna's feet so that they are blessed by the Lord.

Try these easy ways of decoration in your child's room and make them happy.

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