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Creative Ideas To Decorate Home With Trash

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Our homes are our private sanctuaries which either inspire good living or create a dull atmosphere. A good looking interior brings positive vibes. There is no need to step inside an expensive shopping mall and spend thousands for decorating your home. You are possibly missing out your attention on something in your own home that can be easily and creatively used for home decor. We are talking about trash! There are many things that lie unused in our homes. Lets peep into some interesting tricks of using trash effectively to decorate your home.

Ideas To Decorate Home With Trash

Plastic Bags: We do not even think twice before disposing our plastic bags but, probably this time you should. Different coloured plastic bags can be knotted together, plaited and then rolled into a cylindrical or round shape for making a door mat. Stitch the sides tightly and tie a knot after done to prevent the mat from opening. You can further stitch glitter or plain colourful ribbons or stick beads or stones to make it look more attractive.

Used Bins or Bottles: Plastic or metal bins can be used quite creatively to suit your home decor. You can cover them with bright and attractive fabric materials and then try some fabric painting. You can also decorate empty glass bottles and use at a showpiece or as a centerpiece. These decorated bottles can also be used as flower vases. Insert some fresh flowers and place them anywhere in your house.

Earthen Tea or Sweet Pots: Turning small earthen tea or sweet pots into candle stands is a very easy and viable option. You first need to clean them properly. Paint them white to make other colours settle on its surface without trouble. You can then go for any other colours of your choice. Design it with abstract or ethnic patterns and it's going to serve beautifully as a candle stand.

Thermocol Plates: Thermocol plates can be used to make beautiful wall hangings. All you need is two thermocol plates, ribbons, fabric colours, paint brushes, beads, glasses and some other materials of decoration if you opt for it. Cut one thermocol plate into two and then stick the sides of one inverted half plate onto the sides of a full plate. Tie a small ribbon on top to let it hang on wall. You can now colour the plates out of your discretion. Decorate it with beads and glasses or any other material you render as appropriate. Once its ready, show case and see how people appreciate your creative potentials.

Tea- Coffee Cups: Bored of using your old tea or coffee cup? Well, there is no need to dispose it off. You can use this trash as a material for home decor. Go for glass painting on it or stick beads or stickers and a pen stand is ready to showcase on your study desk.

Your trash deserves a second chance. Give it to them and see how they pay you back by adding to your home decor. If you have any more innovative ideas to decorate your home with trash, please share with us.

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Story first published: Monday, May 14, 2012, 17:37 [IST]
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