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Is There A Need To Dress A Dining Table?

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Dining Table
It is always a tricky moment for homemakers when they are to dress dining tables. They are often confused on whether to decorate the table with cloth or exhibit its beauty without the additions. Some dining tables made of wood and glass look good with a bouquet of flowers while some require dressing. Today, we will discuss on the ways to dress tables with some smart tips. Take a look.

1. When To Dress Dining Table?
If your table is old and the state of it it isn't good then a table cloth can cover all its nuances. The thin cotton, embroidered or crocheted will make the table look neat and special for the event. If the traditional table has interesting legs, leave it open for view.

2. Can The Tables Be Left Without Dressing?
For modern kitchen art such as modular, it looks perfect if the new rectangular dining table is left bare. The dressing looks a bit out of place for this new generation interiors. A simple chair without the cushions add to the overall look. A bunch of flowers in the centre will look like the table is set. The only disadvantage of tables without cloth is that they require frequent cleaning.

3. Dining Table Makeover
For an outdoor thanksgiving feast, you will require many tables other than the main one so the unused and not so good looking tables will require a makeover even with a simple white table cloth. A metallic foldable table that you use in a garage can also be modified with the same.

4. Other Interior Decoration Tips
If you have chose a picnic table design for your dining decor, they look more beautiful without the cloth. The rustic look will be all the more inviting than the cover. For a country side or the french historic dining decor, you can select a neutral background colour cloth (such as beige, browns) with the expensive cutlery/ Chinaware.

5. Glass tables are smart tables as they can be decorated with or without the table cloth. One of the best interior decoration tips for glass tables is cover them when not clean and keep it open when dust free. The sparkling table looks pretty in the candle light (as it reflects) with the basket of colorful fruits and vegetables at the centre.

You can make wonders with a piece of cloth. If the table has carvings, the edges of the cloth can be tucked to grab the eyes of the onlooker. Flower decorations need not always be a bunch of flowers but even a long stalk of a fern or dried flower buds will give a warm feel to the decoration.

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Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2011, 11:13 [IST]
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