10 Ideas To Decorate & Use Stair Landing

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Decorate Stair Landing
Stair landing is overlooked and often ignored during the house decoration. Well, you can use this free space on the stair landing to decorate with display. Take a look at the home decor ideas to decorate stair landing and walls with creativity.

Home decor ideas for stair landing:

1. Stair walls are commonly used to decorate with family photo frames and spot lights to highlight them. Even beautiful paintings can be used to decorate the stairs especially landing.

2. Stair landing can be filled with brightness by choosing a bold colour on the walls. Red, maroon, purple, violet, burgundy and blue are few bold and bright colours which add a different look to the dull and lifeless stairs.

3. The free space can be used to decorate with clay models in the corners. Use colourful clay models or traditional idols to decorate the stair landing.

4. You can create a good collection of show pieces and decorate the stairs with creativity. Burnt clay models are traditional and ethnic. Bronze and glass show pieces are stylish and trendy.

5. Indoor plants can be used to make the dull stairs look green and natural.

6. If you read a lot of books and novels then here is a great home decor idea to decorate your stair landing. Create a quiet reading spot in your house. Spread a carpet, place a book rack and sofa chair or bean bag. Connect some lights and a reading spot is ready!

7. Decorate the stair landing or the whole staircase with bright and coloured carpets which match with the theme of the leading rooms.

8. Wall hangings are excellent home decor ideas to decorate the stair wall and landing. Make several wall hangings with small glass stones and gems attached to a thin plastic wire. Hang these on the walls to spread the reflection of light through glass.

9. Keep ethnic wooden storage boxes on the stair landing. You can store few items and decorate at the same time.

10. Use lighting for decorating the stair landing and make it bright and lively. It also highlights the stair paint and decoration items.

Try these home decor ideas to decorate the stair landing.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2011, 15:28 [IST]
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