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    Here's Why Pear-Shaped Women Are Less Prone To Diabetes And Heart Diseases

    Since time immemorial, the body shape of a woman is something that has attracted a lot of attention both at a personal as well as the global level. The universal debate of whether a curvy body is more attractive over a petite one is something that can never have a clear-cut answer.

    Indeed, there are men in every social, economic and chronological cycle who prefer slim and petite over curvy women. The vice versa is true as well. But the shape or structure of a woman's body is not to entertain men.

    pear-shaped women are less prone to heart ailments and diabetes

    There is much more to it and it is time we explore all of that instead of merely sexualizing a woman's body.

    One of the key aspects of the shape of a woman is directly related to her health.

    A research has shown that women of a particular body type are more likely to fall prey to a certain type of disease while that of some other type are likely to lead a much healthier life.

    This goes on to prove that the shape of a woman's body is definitely more than what meets the eye. This article explores why and how pear-shaped women are less prone to heart ailments and diabetes.

    • Fat Accumulation

    One of the things that pear-shaped women are generally not fond of is the accumulation of fat that takes place in their body. However, on a positive note, pear-shaped women are protected from heart illnesses. This is because in their body, the hips and the thighs are considered to be the safe area for fat accumulation. Thus, any extra weight that they put on here does not put any pressure on the heart and these types of people are able to lead a much healthier life. This goes on even as they age, making them healthier than their skinny counterparts.

    • When Family History Is Challenged

    All of us are well aware of the fact that diabetes and heart diseases are things that run in a family. While family history is something that cannot be challenged, it has been seen that among the people who have a family history of these diseases, apple-shaped people (who have the fat accumulation around the waist region) are the ones who take up these diseases early on in their lives and tend to suffer for a much longer period of time. Medical science has proven that all this is directly connected to the region in which there is maximum fat accumulation in the body.

    • Absorbing All The Unhealthy Stuffs

    Since the hips and thighs of this type of people have a lot of mass, they act like a sponge and absorb the lipids. This type of mass retention of lipids is actually good for the body. Thus, this acts as a safe storage for all the fat that is present in the body and prevents the same from making their way to the blood and reaching the organs. Consequently, the heart and liver of this type of women have to work less, which leads them to be healthier for a longer period of time in the journey of life.

    • Types Of Fat

    In a society that is as stereotypical as that of ours, 'fat' is a word that is used to sham people. However, the fact remains that there are different types of fats and each of them takes different amount of time to release. The most dangerous type of fat is the belly fat that is released in the body merely two hours after having a meal. However, pear-shaped women do not really have much of a belly fat. They have fat around their hips and thighs and these can be stored in the body for months at end, making the way less harmful.

    • Obesity And Its Impact

    One fact that is to be noted here is that while we talk of body shapes, it is only with regard to women who have their BMI in the permissible range. It is understood that obese women are at a greater risk of heart ailments and they have a greater tendency of catching diabetes as well. Thus, if you find yourself to be way overweight than what your age, sex and height dictate, it is time that you shed those extra kilos. However, if you have the ideal weight and find your body to be pear shaped, it is time that you start rejoicing the fact that you own a body that is healthier than that of most people around you.

    • When Waistline Is What Matters

    While it is a well-accepted fact that diabetes and heart illness can strike a person at any given age, middle aged and older women are at a greater risk. This data was issued by the World Health Organization in its report released in the month of June. The same study went on to explain that women in the age group of 35-50 having a 38-inch waist (or anything greater than that) are at a three times higher risk of developing coronary heart disease than women having a waistline of 28 inches or lesser. Thus, it is all the way more important for middle-aged women to have lesser amount of fat accumulation around the waist, in order to tackle coronary illnesses.

    • Role Of Exercise

    All of us are well aware that regular exercise is one of the best ways to tackle heart illness. Squatting and doing push-ups is of particular importance here. Now, because of their body structure, pear-shaped women are the ones who are likely to find it easier to exercise and end up doing so more often as compared to their skinny and apple-shaped counterparts. This in turn fosters the path for a healthier lifestyle; one that is devoid of heart diseases and that has blood sugar levels well under control. Thus, diabetes is under control and is not very commonly seen in this type of women.

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    Story first published: Saturday, March 31, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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