Reasons Your Vision Is Changing, And This Is Not Due To Ageing

Posted By: Lekhaka

The eyes may be called one of the most precious parts of our body. Imagine your world without your vision. It is not only scary but also an indication that we should take care of our eyes on a regular basis. Without our vision, we are powerless.

Today in this article we shall talk about certain things that can cause vision loss and this is not due to ageing.


1.Wearing Contact Lenses For Long:

Wearing contact lenses for a long time can end up harming your eyes. Long term utilization of contact lenses can cause dry eye symptoms. It can also cause the accumulation of debris, dirt, mucus and protein on the lenses. All these can end up causing eye infections that can harm your eyes. Make sure to clean your eyes properly to protect your vision.


2. Surgeries:

LASIK surgery can end up causing problem to your eyes. The surgeon cuts a flap in the centre of the cornea, cutting through intervening layers to get to the interior tissues of the cornea. The surgeon burns a little patch of inner tissue with the laser, so as to reshape the cornea.
It causes harm to the corneal nerves. It is quite likely you will suffer from dry eye troubles in the first month after LASIK. Hence, make sure to take good care of your eyes after the surgery and go for regular eye check-ups.


3. Glaucoma:

If you were under the impression that glaucoma occurs only in old people, then think twice. This is a condition that can affect anybody at any time. In this case, there is a fluid build-up in the eyes which pressurises the optic nerve. This in turn ends up causing problems in vision. So make sure to go for regular check-ups in order to prevent this problem.


4. Drugs For Blood Pressure:

If you take drugs for blood pressure and depression, you might end up with dry eyes and in the long run also suffer from vision problems. People who take anti-histamines, also can suffer from such issues.

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