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What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Belly Button?

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Belly Button/ Naval Cleaning Tips: नाभि साफ करने के तरीके | Boldsky

What's the belly button? It is nothing but the umbilical cord which is cut when a baby is born. As we grow up, the belly button takes its shape depending upon how it was cut at the time of the birth.

And then, most of us take a shower everyday but seldom do we wash the navel. In some people, the accumulation of dirt may be too much. When it is too dirty, it can cause yeast infection.

Of course, you don't need to wash it every day. But occasionally, you may need to clean it. Here are some more facts about your belly button.


Fact #1

There are more than 65 types of micro-organisms (bacteria) living in the belly button of an average person. In fact, it also accumulates remnants of soap, dirt, debris, sweat and dead cells.

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Fact #2

Both men and women may develop yeast infection in the belly button. Some babies may also develop this infection if the mother has yeast infection at the time of delivery.


Fact #3

How to know that you have yeast infection in your belly button? Well, here are some symptoms: redness, itching sensation, bad smell, pain, or discharge. Your doctor can treat it.

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Fact #4

You can clean it with a cotton swab. Dip it in a few drops of alcohol and gently wipe the dirt inside the belly button. Too much of alcohol may dry it up; so use only a drop or two.


Fact #5

Yes, both men and women respond to a stimulative touch at the belly button. It is an erogenous area. Stimulating there might indirectly stimulate the privates.


Fact #6

Though it is a colony of bacteria, some types of bacteria living there are not harmful to your body.

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Fact #7

Accumulation of dead cells, sweat, dirt and soap water (when you bathe) may need to be removed occasionally to keep the area clean.


Fact #8

What about belly button piercings? Well, it is better to avoid them as they may cause infections if your skin rejects. Also, cleaning the area may become a tough task if you have too many piercings.

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