Here Are The 8 Things You Must Never Lend/Borrow As It Can Affect Your Health

There are certain things that you must share with your near and dear ones. Sharing personal hygiene products is a big no-no.

These seemingly harmless items can actually put you in a risk for some serious skin and health problems when you share them.

things you should never share

We already know that one must never borrow or lend to others certain things like a comb or toothbrush.

These objects must not have more than one owner and also you need to keep them clean and in a good condition.

It is mandatory that you don't share them with the others, as these can turn out to be the reason for infections to spread through from one person to another.

In this article, we have listed some of the things that you should never share. Read further to know what are these things that you should never borrow or lend to others.

1. Indoor Shoes:

Indoor slippers or shoes should never be shared with others. When you wear them, it is natural for your feet to sweat. This forms a perfect breeding ground for fungus to thrive in. Hence, sharing this will allow the infection to spread to the others.

2. Skin Care Accessories:

Facial cleansing brushes, massage rollers, and special sponges are easy enough to clean. Overtime, these bristles and brushes accumulate small bits of skin that contain bacteria. This can cause acne andflaky skin.

3. Towels:

The main function of a towel is to absorb liquid from the body. Increased humidity in the bathroom can also turn your towel's damp fabric into anarea for mold, bacteria, and fungi to breed in. This is one of the things you should never share.

4. Deodorants:

Those deodorants whose surface comes in contact with the skin will contain bacteria. After all, it is the bacteria that cause the odour, which is what we are trying to mask.

5. Manicure And Cosmetic Accessories:

Your tweezers, nail clippers, epilators, razors and other accessories should only be used by you. These items are likely to have invisible microscopic droplets of blood on their surface. Sharing them with the others can give you herpes and fungal infections.

6. Hair Clip And Curlers:

Lending comb to others is bad idea, as you all know. But did you know that the same applies to all other hair accessories? Fungi and lice will get an easy pathway through borrowed headbands, combs, scrunchies and curlers. This is one of the things you should never borrow or lend to others.

7. Headphones:

Each person has a unique bacterial flora balance in his or her ear wax. When we decide to share headphones, we are disrupting this balance. This can provoke an ear infection. This is one of the things you should never lend to others.

8. Lip Gloss And Lipstick:

Diseases like herpes can be transmitted easily through sharing lipstick or lip gloss. The virus can be present in the mouth's mucous membrane and saliva.

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