Effective Ways To Protect Your Hearing

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You might not realise how you are causing damage to your hearing, until it is too late. There are several day to day activities that we do or certain environmental factors that we are exposed to that can cause damage to our hearing.

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Hence, in this article we will discuss certain factors that we must take into consideration to protect our hearing.


1. Keeping Away From Loud Music:

You might not realize it, but simply listening to loud music can permanently damage your hearing. Individuals often possess the inclination to turn the volume up when making use of earphones. Always listen to music at a low volume or you will end up damaging your hearing capacity by the time you turn fifty years old.


2. High Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar:

It has been found that people who suffer from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high levels of cholesterol and other chronic conditions often end up losing their hearing power after a certain point of time. Keeping these conditions under check is the only way in which a person can protect his power of hearing.


3. Earwax:

Your earwax could end up causing hearing loss. The wax buildup in your ears should be cleaned with the help of an expert if it becomes too much; in other cases, it gets cleaned by itself when you shower. Do not try to clean it with the help of something like a pencil or a pin. It will end up damaging your eardrum and cause a lot of damage to the ears.


4. Sinuses:

When your sinuses get blocked due to cold or allergies, you can experience hearing loss. Get yourself treated at the earliest to stop the spreading of infections to the ears which can also cause permanent hearing loss.


5. Environmental Noise:

Certain environmental noises also end up damaging your hearing powers. The noise from the mixer, the hairdryer, coffee grinders etc. on a regular basis can slowly cause hearing loss. Make sure to protect your hearing with the help of earplugs.

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Story first published: Friday, January 27, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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