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Is Using Coloured Or Scented Toilet Paper Dangerous For Health?

By Chandana Rao

A few decades ago, in countries like India, this article would not have been very relevant because not many people here used toilet papers, right?

Well, now the times have changed and whether it is because people are trying to look up to the western concepts or purely due to hygiene reasons, more and more people in developing countries are also using toilet papers.

These days, especially at corporate workplaces, malls, eateries, etc., the toilets usually have toilet paper so that people can make use of it to stay clean and dry, after they are done with the nature's calls.

So, many people would be using toilet papers to wipe clean their genitals, on a daily basis. Meanwhile, also know the reason why you should not put toilet paper on the toilet seat.

These days, even in many homes, people keep toilet paper in their bathrooms for the same purpose.

Now, as the concept of using toilet paper has become more popular, just like with any other item, sellers started manufacturing toilet papers that come in different colours, just to improve the aesthetic factor, because, coloured toilet paper has no other special function.

In addition, scented toilet papers are also widely available in the markets today and come with pleasant odours that can make your entire bathroom smell great!

So, most of us are attracted to toilet papers that look and smell nice and we buy them.

However, a recent research study has found that using coloured and scented toilet paper can cause a number of health problems, as they contain a number of synthetics and chemicals in them.

Find out what are some of the ill-effects of coloured and scented toilet paper, here.

1. Infections Of The Urethra

The chemicals present in scented and coloured toilet papers can get into the urethra, through the genital opening when used for wiping, causing infections and inflammation.

2. Yeast Infection

Especially in women, the chemicals in coloured and scented toilet paper can lead to the growth of fungus in the vaginal area, causing yeast infection that can lead to itching, smelly discharge and cramps.

3. Rectal Infections

Since coloured or scented toilet papers can also be used to wipe clean the rectal area, the chemicals can irritate this sensitive region and can cause infections.

4. Cervical Cancer

Research studies have detected the presence of certain carcinogens in coloured and scented toilet paper, which can lead to cervical cancer.

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