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Do You Re-boil Water? Then You Should Stop It Immediately

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Do you have a habit of boiling water for your tea and then going off to attend a phone call or you get occupied with some other thing? Then again you get back and re-heat the same water and prepare the tea. Did you know that this might prove to be dangerous for your health?

Yes, you read it correct. Boiling water is good but when this water is re-boiled then it turns dangerous for one's health. Let's learn how re-boiling and boiling the water for too long affect our health through this article.

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When the water is boiled the harmful compounds get evaporated and make the water safe for consumption. But again, when this water is re-boiled and kept to boil for long, it concentrates the harmful compounds and turns the water unsafe for consumption.

So the next time you are in your kitchen to prepare your tea or coffee, be careful and watch out properly. Avoid re-boiling of water as this helps in preventing a number of health issues.

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Here are a few health problems that one can develop due to consumption of re-boiled water. Take a look.

Why Re-boiling Water Is Dangerous

1. Gastrointestinal Problem:
The arsenic content in the water when re-boiled causes gastrointestinal problems in people who consume it. It might start off with a slight stomach pain which most of us might ignore initially.

Why Re-boiling Water Is Dangerous

2. Neurological Problems:
Several studies conducted worldwide have shown that the fluoride content in the water leads to several neurological problems. It severely affects the IQ level among children.

Why Re-boiling Water Is Dangerous

3. Cancer:
Nitrates are present in water. When this water is exposed to high heat due to re-boiling then it might lead to several forms of cancers like - colon, ovary, bladder and pancreas.

Why Re-boiling Water Is Dangerous

4. Heart Problem:
Arsenic is one of the worst toxic substances that are present in water. When the water is re-boiled it might lead to risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

Why Re-boiling Water Is Dangerous

5. Renal Problem:
Kidneys, which are one of the major human organs, are among the worst affected due to continuous drinking of re-boiled water that contains arsenic. Arsenic is one of the toxic substances that affect the kidneys in its worst form.

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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