What Causes Pain In The Right Side Of The Chest

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Pain in the right chest region is something which may affect individuals of all ages. Whenever you experience pain in right side of your chest, the very first thing you worry about is whether you are having a myocardial infarction.

It is to be noted that pain in the right side of the chest region is not always the result of a cardiovascular trouble. There are various other factors which may also lead to such pain. If you happen to over exert yourself through some physical programs, this type of pain is an end product.

causes of chest pain on right side

In case you happen to encounter some issues in the digestion tract, it also gives rise to such issues. At times, whenever we eat food or drink any liquid, it is just possible for the oesophagus to choke on it and cause blockage in the chest. This blockage can result in this type of pain.

If you happen to suffer from hepatitis or liver inflammation, you can get such type of pain. When the pleura gets inflamed, pain may be felt in the right part of the chest. This pain may also occur as a consequence of gall bladder, urinary bladder or pancreas dysfunction. Gall stones may result in severe abdomen pain which could extend to the chest.

causes of chest pain on right side

Pain in the right chest area may also be due to rib subluxation. This is when the ribs are moved and as a result pain radiates from the ribs to the right region. This pain may get intensified by actions like leaning over.

In today's hectic life, the most typical cause for pain in the right chest region is stress. Extensive mental anxiety and stress puts pressure on the mind and if life is very sedentary, it may cause many health issues, one of them being chest pain.

Hence, whenever you get pain in the right side of the chest, make sure to find the reason and go for the appropriate treatment.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 12, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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