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Ways To Prevent Coeliac Disease

Posted By: Lekhaka

People who suffer from coeliac disease are gluten sensitive. Consumption of gluten causes damage to the linings of the small intestine. Hence, these people have to be very careful and avoid gluten from entering their body at any cost.

Gluten is not only present in popular foodstuffs, but additionally in many non edible products like soap, shampoo, laundry soap, cosmetics, lip balms, sunblock, lotions, pet foods and even arts and crafts materials. A person suffering from coeliac disease should steer away from almost any contact between their mouth and these items.

ways to prevent coeliac disease

If you should use an inedible gluten merchandise, be sure your hands are completely washed and rinsed clean. Exactly the same goes for almost any glasses, cups or dishes that you eat in.

Many people with coeliac disease are not going to encounter a bad reaction by just touching a merchandise or food containing gluten. The problem happens when this type of product is automatically transferred to the mouth.

ways to prevent coeliac disease

Let us say that you are going for a shower and the shampoo or conditioner you are using includes gluten. A few of the shampoo soap slides down your face and gets into the mouth area. You have just ingested gluten, despite the fact that you are abiding to a strict gluten-free diet.

Lipstick, lip balm, bronzes, blushes and a variety of cosmetics can contain gluten. It is probably simple to imagine a scenario wherein you lick your lips and get gluten infected lipstick into your mouth and down your throat.

ways to prevent coeliac disease

Keeping your hands clean of edible gluten products rather than touching your hands to the mouth area is the perfect way to fight gluten ingestion from all these sources.

You probably do not eat your dog or cat dry food, but you do pour it in their bowl and probably pick it up away from the floor. Be cautious to thoroughly wash your hands following eating or clean up after your pet.

You will need to be diligent about managing inedible products suspected of containing gluten. By being careful and alert, you can lead a gluten-free life.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 20, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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