Signs And Symptoms Of Uterine Cancer

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Cancer is one of the most scariest words that we get to hear nowadays. Any person belonging to any age can suffer from this fatal disease. One among the most common cancers that is found among women is uterine cancer.

Even when we claim that we are updated of all information and technology, it is true that we are ignorant or we ignore uterine cancer. Knowing more about uterine cancer, including its symptoms, treatment and prognosis is very important.

What is uterine cancer? Uterine cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth and proliferation of the cells in the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) or the muscle tissue (myometrium).

Apart from the hormonal and external factors that contribute to uterine cancer, heredity also plays a great role.

Once detected with cancer, the process that a patient has to go through can be difficult for her mentally, physically and emotionally.

Here, we will discuss more about what uterine cancer is and who are the most affected people for uterine cancer. Knowing about this form of cancer will help you in the early detection and in selecting the best treatment that will work for you.


Risk Factors

There are many women who are at increased risk when compared to others. Being postmenopausal, endometrial hyperplasia, infertility, early menarche, increased blood pressure, obesity, heredity, polycystic ovary syndrome, having oestrogen hormone replacement therapy are some common risk factors for uterine cancer.

Those who have these conditions are the women who are the most affected ones for uterine cancer.



Vaginal bleeding that is unusual, moderate spotting, more than usual vaginal discharge, pain during urinating, painful sexual intercourse and abdominal pain that is concentrated more in the pelvic area are some of the most common signs or symptoms of uterine cancer.

Hence, those who are at the risk to be the most affected people for uterine cancer should undergo a regular checkup.



Uterine cancer is diagnosed by a pelvic exam, ultrasound and biopsy. The first and foremost section of diagnosis is evaluating the clinical symptoms.

Later, the diagnosis will be done step-by-step depending on the protocol of each hospital. Biopsy is considered as a confirmatory test. Also, the histological analysis will help to stage the cancer.



The main treatment options available are surgical removal of the uterus, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiation. The treatment will be decided depending on the stage or type of the cancer and the response of the patient to different treatments.

Getting treatment at an early stage can increase the chance of survival.



The chance of prognosis is more, if the patient is receiving the treatment at an early stage of the cancer. Also, the prognosis can depend on the type of cancer.

If the cancer has spread to the surrounding organs, more intense treatment will be required to improve the survival chances.



It is important to make the management of uterine cancer a team effort by the medical experts, friends and family members.

Reassuring the patient and keeping her confident is very important. Practicing yoga or meditation is considered as a good idea to calm down the mind and to make the treatment more effective.

Knowing more about uterine cancer is very important to prevent the disease. Also, this will help to diagnose the disease at an early stage, ensuring an early treatment.

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Story first published: Friday, January 15, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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