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Be Aware: Your Toothpaste Can Make You Sick

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Do you that the toothpaste that we get from the market can cause many diseases? It will be shocking for you to know that the conventional toothpastes contain many harmful chemicals added in their manufacturing process to make the product more presentable and suitable for use.

Now, you must be thinking that how come a toothpaste can make one sick, as it is just thrown out of the mouth once the teeth are brushed and not swallowed, right?

Yes, it is true that we throw it out, but the harmful chemicals present in the toothpaste can still enter your body and reach the blood, where it can cause further damage to the body organs.

When we brush our mouth with a toothpaste, the chemicals present in the paste can cross the skin of the oral cavity (mouth) and from there enter the body. These chemicals have the potential to enter the blood through the skin of the mouth.

These chemicals from the toothpaste start to get accumulated in the body in a certain period of time and can show their harmful effects later on.

Have a look at the diseases that can be caused by the use of toothpastes.


Thyroid Issues

The toothpaste that you get from the market contains a Germ-killer chemical known as Triclosan, which was earlier used as a pesticide. A research has shown that this chemical can cause thyroid issues, heart problems and cancer.


Brain, Kidney And Heart Problems

Conventional toothpaste also contains a substance known as polyethylene glycols (polyethylene), which is nothing but the common plastic. This chemical is toxic for the body and can damage the brain, kidneys and heart.


Decreased IQ In Children And Brain Damage

Toothpaste also contains a common chemical known as fluoride, which damages the gums, decreases the IQ in children; and if used by pregnant ladies, it can cause thyroid issues, bone damage, stomach problems and even cancer


Mouth Ulcers And Hormone Imbalances

There is substance added in the toothpastes that acts as a soap, known as sodium lauryl sulphate. This substance causes mouth ulcers, skin irritation and hormonal imbalance.


Gas And Bloating

Toothpastes also contain a sugary substance known as sorbitol, which is hard to digest and be metabolised by the body. This can cause diarrhoea, indigestion, gas and bloating in the body. Sorbitol also decreases the fat absorption in the body.


Diabetes And Weight Gain

Toothpaste contains aspartame (artificial sugar) and a research has shown that this zero-calorie sugar has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes and obesity. It has been also linked with many diseases including brain tumours.


Liver And Kidney Cancers

Toothpaste also contains a chemical known as Diethanolamine that causes foam in the toothpaste. This chemical has been linked to liver cancer, kidney cancer and a hormonal imbalance.

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