Home Remedies For Foot Corn Problems

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The highly sophisticated part of your body is the feet! This fine structure of one's body is a miracle of engineering which in simple words is designed for us humans to stand up under a lot of wear and tear. If you may say, it is one of the most abused parts of your body. Our feet supports our body weight, along with our clothing and the extra kilos you carry around, there by our feet is subjected to a force so severe which is equal to several hundred tons.

Due to excessive pressure and friction from the kind of footwear, some of us tend to develop a number of foot problems that leads to a turmoil.

One of the main foot problems that we tend to face these days is that of corns and calluses; thick areas of skin which is rather painful since they usually develop on the foot and in rare cases on fingers. The main cause of foot corn is walking on hard surfaces with the wrong type of footwear, therefore if you have a foot corn and want to get rid of it, here are some of the home remedies you can get started with.



When it comes to home remedies, the yummy pineapple is considered to be the best remedy to get rid of foot corn. Consisting of enzymes, it helps soften the corn and thus helps it to peel out faster. Apply a small piece of fresh pineapple on the corn, wrap with a clean cloth and keep for a week. It will do wonders for this foot problem.


Apple Cider Vinegar

To help soften and get rid of foot corn, the use of apple cider vinegar is the best. All you have to do is soak the affected area in the solution for 25 minutes, scrub the area gently with the help of a pumice stone and then wrap it in a soaked apple cider solution bandage. Within a week you will be able to see the difference.



There are many uses of papaya. It is also one of the best home remedies to get rid of foot corn. Half a teaspoon of raw papaya juice dabbed with the help of a cotton ball will get help you rid of this foot problem.



One of the best ways to get rid of foot corn is that of garlic. This is a night treatment for this foot problem. Cut a piece of fresh garlic and rub it over the corn for a minute. Let the garlic juice cover the hard skin, after which you can cover the corn with a crepe bandage and wash the next morning.


Chamomile tea

The use of chamomile tea is used to cure foot corn. The tea should be warm when applied onto the corn so that it helps to soothe the pain and discomfort. The chamomile tea should be applied on the corn three times in a day.



The best home remedy for any type of problem is that of lemon. The citrus in the lemon is beneficial for a number of problems our human body faces. To treat a foot corn with lemon, the best way is to apply the juice at least three times in a day (lemon oil can also be used). This will help soften the corn so that it is easy to scrub off with the help of a pumice stone.



The use of aspirin, lemon juice and water will help to get rid of this foot problem. Grind six tablets, add water (½ ) and lemon (½ ), mix to make a paste. Apply on the corn and wrap your foot with a plastic bag and a warm towel around it. Leave it for 15 minutes and brush the corn lightly using a pumice stone. The procedure needs to be done for seven days till the corn softens completely and falls off.



The use of licorice is helpful for this foot problem. Make a paste out of four licorice sticks with mustard oil. Apply it on the hard corns before going to bed, leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning using warm water and a callus.



Crush a few pieces of chalk and mix a small amount of water to the powder. Apply gently over the painful corn and let it dry. After fifteen minutes, was the corn with warm water and rub the pumice stone to scrape the hardened skin.


Castor Oil

This oil is used for many years to get rid of a number of foot problems. Castor oil is said to soften the corn within 3 to 4 days of regular use.

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