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Have Sore Throat? Avoid These Foods

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Having a sore throat is one of the common winter health problems. Once the season changes, your throat becomes sore and itchy. Even after taking precautions, you suffer from a sore throat. Sore throat is often accompanied with cough. Drinking herbal tea, cough syrups and eating right foods can cure a sore throat. But there are few foods that you must avoid. For example, a hot cup of coffee makes you feel better however it is harmful for a sore throat. These foods and drinks can worsen the sore throat and make you feel uncomfortable. Want to know the names of the foods and drinks? Find out...

Foods to avoid during sore throat:

Have Sore Throat? Avoid These Foods

Sour foods: Tamarind, pickles and citrus fruits for example are sour in taste. This makes your throat itchy and painful. Avoid having citrus fruits, lemon juice, tamarind chutney, street food etc when you have a sore throat. Even foods prepared in vinegar are bad for the throat. So, avoid these tart foods.

Spicy foods: We think that having spicy foods can help you get rid of cold and cough. However do not add sore throat in the list. A sore throat gets worse if you have spicy foods. Chillies, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg and other spices can harm the sore throat so avoid having them.

Dairy products: There are many people who suggest having a glass of hot milk to cure a sore throat. However, dairy products can be harmful for a sore throat. If you are suffering form a sore throat, avoid having foods made with milk.

Dry foods: When you have a sore throat, do not have dry foods. It not only becomes difficult to swallow dry foods but is also painful. Avoid having raw fruits, cereals, nuts and biscuits if you have a sore throat. Soak or cook the foods so that they become easy to swallow and are not painful either.

Caffeine: A cup of chocolaty hot coffee can provide you relief but it is temporary. After sometime the throat will become more itchy and painful. So, avoid having beverages made with caffeine to cure a sore throat. Instead of sipping on a cup of hot coffee, go for herbal ginger tea. Drink only hot water to avoid throat pain and itchiness.

Alcohol: Rum or brandy can make you feel warm in winters but is bad for sore throat. Avoid having chilled alcohol if you want to cure a sore throat.

These are few foods you should avoid while having a sore throat. Do you have more to add to the list? Do share with us.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 8:04 [IST]
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