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Importance Of Boiled Vegetables

By: Ajanta Sen

All living beings have their own eating habits, and they love to follow them willingly. As far as the humans are concerned, they have a completely different eating habit that separates them from other living beings.

The entire earth has more than 200 countries where more than 7 billion people live on this planet of ours. Though all are humans it that does not necessarily mean that all of them have similar food habits.

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However, all of them eat vegetables in one form or another. They may have different ways of eating vegetables too. Some people eat them raw, whereas some others like to eat them cooked and boiled.

There are a few vegetables that are consumed raw, but the majority of the vegetables are had boiled and cooked. Onions, carrots, beetroots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, lentils, etc., are a few vegetables that you can consume raw.

The vegetables that you should consume only after boiling include potatoes, brinjals, and leafy greens. The process of cooking these vegetables may be different, and the recipes will vary from one place to another.

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There are some strong reasons as to why you should boil vegetables and then consume them. These reasons are scientifically valid, and that is why you should be very particular about following the rule of boiling and then eating these vegetables.

The principal reasons as to why you should boil vegetables and then consume them are as listed below, have a look:


Boiling Makes Vegetables Turn Softer:

Vegetables like potatoes are hard and tasteless if you eat them raw. However, if you boil them before you eat, then they would become softer and tastier. You find it easy to chew such vegetables and then swallow.


Boiling Makes The Vegetables Digestible:

Boiled vegetables are easy to digest, as you can chew them well. The digestive system in our body cannot digest all the raw vegetables, unless and until they are suitable for raw consumption.


Boiling A Not Frying Is Good:

Frying also makes the vegetables turn softer and tastier, but boiling does not destroy the natural goodness of the vegetables that frying does easily. Though people love to eat fried vegetables, they seldom have the natural goodness in them.


Boiled Vegetables Have Mineral Content:

Scientifically, it has been proven that vegetables have all sorts of mineral content in them, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine etc., and by eating the vegetables boiled, your body can get all the minerals without losing anything whatsoever.


Boiled Vegetables Help in Weight Loss:

Excessive weight gain and obesity are two big physical troubles that humans are facing these days. As boiled vegetables reduce weight considerably, you must consume most of them only after boiling.


Prevents Kidney Stones:

Formation of stones in the kidney is a very common ailment that many people suffer from every year. Boiled vegetables have some natural characteristics that fight favourably to prevent growth of stones in the kidney. Make sure you take ample quantity of boiled vegetables to get a natural treatment for the stones in the kidney.


Enhances Growth Of The Hair:

If you are increasingly worried about the decreasing number of hair strands on your head, then you should start taking boiled vegetables right away. Boiled vegetables have the natural goodness that can surely better the growth of your hair.


Helps Treat Inflammation Of The Stomach:

In case you are suffering from inflammation of the stomach, then you can start taking a controlled diet with a major portion of it containing boiled vegetables.

These are some of the advantages as well as the reasons due to which you should consume the vegetables only after boiling them. Keep in mind these reasons on why you should boil vegetables before consuming them.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 3:00 [IST]
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