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12 Benefits of Homemade Yogurt

By Super

Yogurt is one of the top nutritional foods. There are some beneficial bacteria in yogurt that help to have a good digestive system. There are numerous flavoured yogurts available in the market. But due to presence of chemicals in them, it may be not that good for your health. So it would be better to make yogurt at home.

Benefits of homemade yogurt are many, but making it at home is quite easy. You just need to follow the easy ways to make yogurt at home.

One of the primary benefits of homemade yogurt is that it reduces the onset of acne. There are other benefits of homemade yogurt. Homemade yogurt is good for your skin too. So you can use it in your face pack as well. Here are some benefits of homemade yogurt.


Relief from Constipation

Homemade yogurt gives relief from constipation as it helps in digestion. As this type of yogurt is lighter, you can have it after lunch.


Strengthens Bone Structure

Homemade yogurt is a rich source of vitamin D and calcium. Both these nutrients help to make your bones strong and restore calcium deficiency in your body.


Protein Provider

If you are a vegetarian, yogurt is the ultimate protein provider for you. Have a cup of yogurt every day. It provides you similar protein as meat.


Gives You Natural Glow

Mix 1 teaspoon of yogurt with similar amount of besan and a bit of honey and rose water. Apply this pack on your face. Let it dry and wash thoroughly. It will give you an instant glow and sustain the suppleness of your skin.


Curbs Hunger

The protein in yogurt is a special source to curb your hunger. If you take it before or after exercise, it helps in the general growth of your muscle and bones.


Helps In Losing Weight

Obesity is a common problem today. If you want to maintain your weight, consuming yogurt is the best way to do so. The bacterial presence in yogurt helps in shedding extra weight.


Keeps Your Blood Pressure Low

Homemade yogurt is rich in potassium, which helps in keeping your blood pressure low. Have a cup of yogurt every day to be healthy and fit.


Your Hair Becomes Smooth

Homemade yogurt is the best way to hold the natural moisture of your hair and make it soft and smooth. Apply it directly on your hair and scalp or mix with egg whites.


Rich Source Of Vitamins and Minerals

Apart from vitamin D and calcium, homemade yogurt is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B 12, zinc, phosphorus, riboflavin and iodine.


Prevents Bad Breath

Did you know yogurt fights bad breath? The lactic acid present in yogurt fights different types of gum diseases such as gingivitis.


Improves Immune System

This is one of the benefits of homemade yogurt. There are ingredients in yogurt that improve your immune system and enhance the capability of white blood cells to destroy pathogens in your body.


Keeps The Nutrition Of Other Foods Intact

Adding homemade yogurt to chicken or mutton recipes not only increases the taste of the food but also retains the nutritional value of food items.

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Story first published: Monday, February 2, 2015, 23:29 [IST]