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Ayurveda Suggests This Foot Massage For Better Blood Circulation

By Archana Mukherji

Ayurveda medicine is the age old system of medicine that has been practised in the Indian subcontinent. With the advent of allopathy medicine, most of us had forgotten Ayurveda medicine. Today, people see the side effects of allopathy medicines and realize the benefits of Ayurveda again.

Most people do not consider their feet to be an important part of their body that needs to be given attention to.

With the growing stress and health complications, these days caring for the feet in ayurvedic form of therapy goes beyond the scope of mere cosmetic application.

foot massage for blood circulation

It is worthwhile to note that an ayurvedic foot massage can profit your entire body and nervous system. An ayurvedic foot massage unwinds the entire physiology of an individual, providing enormous energy and enhanced blood circulation.

In Ayurveda, foot care or foot massage is considered the mother of all therapies. It is also called Padabhyanga. Pada means foot and abhyanga means massage using medicated oils. Padabhyanga is beyond massage and a holistic therapy in Ayurveda.

Reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure and pedicure seem to have originated from this ancient art of healing. Though foot massage can be done during any part of the day, the best results are attained when done towards late evening or at night, before retiring to bed.

How A Foot Massage Helps:
Foot massage improves blood circulation and helps to strengthen the joints and soft tissues in the foot. It gives stability to the foot.

Due to increased blood circulation, the eye health also improves, thereby maintaining and improving eyesight. Foot massage prevents sciatica, cures cracks in the foot, irritation of ligaments, tendons and nerves and improves overall blood circulation.

Stress and anxiety are reduced. The overall immune system is activated. Your hearing capacity increases. It relieves you from anxiety, depression, fatigue and cramps. This is also a great remedy for headaches and hypertension.

Foot massage also nourishes your skin. According to reflexology, foot massages release any blocks that can hold back energy that should be flowing through the body freely by improving the overall blood circulation.

Steps For A Foot Massage:

  • Foot massage starts with a hot herbal foot bath.
  • Take a large foot tub, add some ayurvedic ingredients like rosemary oil, olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil and pour hot water over these essential herbs.
  • Now, soak the feet into the tub for a few minutes and then gently massage the feet.
  • Massage is done with the help of hands by applying moderate pressure. Circular motions are done around the joints and vertical massage is done over the legs.
  • The massage techniques used in the ayurvedic foot massage consist of tapping, kneading and gentle pinching, as well as conventional massage strokes. 
  • Remove the feet from the tub, dry and clean them well. This not only helps to detoxify the body of the individual but also helps to balance the emotions and improves blood and lymph flow circulation.

Other Benefits Of Foot Massage:
Foot massage is so very relaxing for your body that it can help you a lot when you are suffering from sleeplessness.

Numbness of the hand and feet are very commonly seen in many people today. Foot massage can be very helpful in such cases. The greatest advantage of foot massage with ayurvedic oils is that it usually has a permanent cure, though it might take some time for the same.

Story first published: Monday, July 10, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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