Adopt The Finger Method Technique & See The Magic In Your Body!

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Yes, it is true that rubbing different fingers will help solve certain health problems. This is because each finger is connected to the different parts of the body. Hence, massaging each part will turn out to produce good results for the body part, to which it is connected.

So, if you're looking for how to use your fingers to improve your health, then this is the right post you've got to read. This finger method is an ancient Japanese alternative technique. Each finger is connected to one-two organs of the body and this method will provide cure in just 5 minutes.

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It is believed that by stimulating certain points of the hand, you can make a balance of emotions. By rubbing a finger for about 3-5 minutes, it influences the body organ to which the finger is connected.

This article will also answer some of your questions like how to rub the fingers to relieve headaches, finger massage for digestion problems, finger massage to relieve asthma, finger massage to prevent heart diseases and much more.

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Continue reading to know how to use your fingers to improve your health.


1. Thumb:

The thumb is connected to thestomach. If you face certain issues like skin problems, headache, stomach ache and nervousness, then massaging the thumb is said to provide relief.


2. Index Finger:

Theindex finger is connected to the urinary bladder and kidneys. If you have problems like digestion issues, muscle pain, toothache, back pain, then rubbing the index finger is recommended.


3. Middle Finger:

Themiddle finger is connected to the liver. If you have problems like headache, migraines, tiredness, menstrual pain or circulation issues, then rubbing the middle finger will help relieve pain.


4. Ring Finger:

Ring finger is connected to the lungs and large intestine. If you face problems like asthma, other respiratory problems, skin conditions or digestive issues, then rub this finger.


5. Small Finger:

The small finger is connected to theheart and small intestine. If you face issues like heart disease, bone issues or sore throat, then rub the small finger. It also helps us with cases like anxiety, nervousness and lack of self-confidence.

Apart from this, massaging fingers also plays with our emotions. It has the ability to control certain emotions and stabilises them for our betterment.


a. Thumb:

Massaging the thumb helps to relieve anxiety and depression.


b. Index Finger:

It helps to relieve fear, discomfort and confusion.


c. Middle Finger:

It helps to get rid of irritability and indetermination.


d. Ring Finger:

It relieves you from sadness, fear and pessimism.


e. Small Finger:

It helps us with cases like anxiety, nervousness and lack of self-confidence.

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