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Tolasana Or Scale Pose To Treat Knee Pain Completely

By: Mona Verma

Knee pain is actually unbearable. It isn’t about knee pain, but about all the other pains. As we all know, only the wearer knows about the shoe bite, so is the case with pain.

People generally talk about dental pain or labour pain, but none of the pains are something that you'd want to live with constantly . Before the onset of any kind of pain, one must take precaution, before it’s too late.

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When the pain becomes unbearable, one can’t even perform yoga. Then, you'll need to empty your pockets in front of the doctors. So, just make Yoga your regular routine and follow it religiously.

Tolasana has been originated from the Sanskrit term, “Tola” which means poising one’s self, i.e., balancing or scaling.

Tolasana To Treat Knee Pain Completely

When you start with this pose, you need to open your thighs and hips before that. And also, you have to reduce your weight till the level when you can lift your body while sitting, comfortably.

Gradually, you’ll attain masters in the pose. Don’t be impatient and go against nature. This is the first law in Yoga. Just do what your body permits you to do.

And Yes! Another important thing is, you must first learn this art and then practice it on your own, instead of becoming jack of all trades and master of none.

You can initially start by placing firm blocks along your sides and by keeping your hands on them, you can slowly lift your body. Don’t hold it for too long. Just wait and enjoy the yoga pose. You’ll soon be able to perform it.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Perform The Asana

Step 1: Just sit on the floor or mat normally.

Step 2: Criss cross your legs and sit in a lotus pose.

Step 3: Keep your hands on the floor or mat, next to your hips. Your wrists should be facing forward and fingers should be wide spread. Then, inhale.

Tolasana To Treat Knee Pain Completely

Step 4: Now, as you exhale, just try to widen your shoulders, by stretching them away from each other and exhale.

Step 5: As you exhale, start lifting up yourself, by balancing the body on the basis of your wrists, which should be firm enough on the ground; and the surface on which you’ll balance, should be rough, so that your hands don’t slip and it doesn't cause an imbalance of the body.

Tolasana To Treat Knee Pain Completely

Step 6: Hold on to this pose until 3-5 breaths and then exhale. Repeat the pose 5-7 times.

Step 7: This pose is not very easy to accomplish at the first go. When you start practicing yoga, just try to make your body flexible, which isn’t a one-day show. Just relax. Don’t play with your hands and hips.

Benefits Of This Asana

Strengthens the arms, wrists and abdomen

Increases the balance of the body

Makes your shoulders strong

Helps release tension from the muscles and calms your mind

Tightens the abdominal muscles and helps make the stomach flat

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• Avoid performing this asana in case of a wrist or shoulder injury

• Also, avoid doing it if you have a knee or ankle injury

• Do not perform this asana if you have tight thighs and hips

Story first published: Saturday, June 4, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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