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Natural Remedies For Sciatica

By Super Admin

When a sharp pain shoots down from your butt to your foot at the back of your leg, there are chances that you are suffering from sciatica. It affects the nerves that run down from your pelvis to your legs. Luckily, the pain sometimes goes away on its own, but the catch is that there is no guarantee that it will not show up again.

To get rid of this pain you can always go for a painkiller. But this will give you relief only for sometime. In order to get long term relief and see to it that the pain does not come back, you have to resort to certain natural remedies. These natural remedies not only help to get rid of the pain, they also see to it that the pain does not return.

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The first natural way to get relief from sciatica pain is to rest well. Rest your leg well for two to three days and avoid any kind of activity that will put pressure on your legs. Go for hot and cold compresses on the affected area. This will provide instant relief. After you have completely rested, go for short walks and try light exercises.

Visit a physical therapist. The physical therapist will teach you certain physical exercises that will help you to combat the pain. He or she can ask you to do certain stretching exercises that will provide some relief to the sciatica nerve.

You can also go for acupuncture. It involves the use of needles on certain parts of the body to treat the root of the problem. You can also try acupressure. In acupressure, certain points in our body are pressed. This increases blood circulation in the body and the affected area gets healed.

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Sciatica pain can also be treated with chiropathy. This kind of treatment focuses primarily on the spinal column and associated joints, and also on the muscles and tendons by optimizing blood circulation. Treatment is tailored to fit the age, build, pain levels and overall health of the person.

Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 18:30 [IST]