5 Best Ways To Keep Asthma Under Control

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For those suffering from asthma, winter is a time when they need to be extra cautious, as cold weather tends to worsen the symptoms. As winter is just setting in, here is a list of a few best ways how asthamatics can keep asthma under control.

Though you might love the cold and chilly breeze during the winters, this might be one of the worst enemies of asthamatics. The cold dry air can prove dangerous and lead to respiratory infection and trigger asthma attack further.

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Irritation in the airways, coughing, chest congestion and difficulty in breathing are a few of the major symptoms of asthma. In most cases asthma is triggered by airborne substances but in a few cases it can be triggered by certain foods as well. The symptoms get worse especially during the winters and in the early mornings and at night.

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The airways which are the carriers of air to the lungs and vice-versa get blocked when the mucus gets stuck in the airways and this triggers asthma.

Following are a few precautionary measures one can take to prevent any asthma triggers. Take a look at these preventive measures.

5 Best Ways To Keep Asthma Under Control

1. Washing Hands Properly:
One of the foremost basic steps to control asthma trigger especially during winter season is to wash hands frequently using soap and water. This way asthamatics can prevent themselves from catching viruses that can trigger their asthma.

5 Best Ways To Keep Asthma Under Control

2. Keep Yourself Away From Fireplace:
As winter sets in most people would love to sit by the fireplace and get the warmth, but this might turn dangerous for those suffering from asthma. The smoke can lead to irritation in the lungs and this might lead to an asthma attack. Hence, those suffering from asthma should keep themselves away from the fireplace.

5 Best Ways To Keep Asthma Under Control

3. Replace The Filters Of Your Heaters:
The heaters used to make your room warm should be cleaned and the filters replaced as winter starts or at regular intervals.The heaters blow the dusts and debris that are spread across the room which might affect asthamatics at home.

5 Best Ways To Keep Asthma Under Control

4. Exercise Indoors:
Exercise which is one of the most important parts of the daily routine of asthamatics should not be avoided even during the winter season. The best option during such cold season is to exercise indoors.

5 Best Ways To Keep Asthma Under Control

5. Take Medicines Regularly:
Whatever be the season, whether it is cold or hot, it is very important for asthamatics to take their daily dosage of medication on time. By chance if there is even the slightest feeling that the symptom is getting a little worse, one needs to get it checked immediately with a doctor.

Also, one should make it a point to keep the spray handy in case of any emergency.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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