Changes In Body Due To Diabetes

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Changes In Body Due To Diabetes
Diabetes is a common health problem. From children to adults, people from all ages and sex get affected by this disorder. When you suffer from diabetes, the sugar and glucose levels in the body increase and flows in the bloodstream. The level of insulin decreases in the body as pancreas (the organ that produces insulin) doesn't function properly. There are many symptoms of diabetes such as excessive thirst and laziness. Diabetics suffer from lots of changes in the body. Lets brief out the changes that occur in the body due to diabetes.

Changes due to diabetes:

High blood pressure: Diabetes directly or indirectly affects the blood pressure levels of the patient. A diabetic always record high blood pressure levels because of atherosclerosis where the blood arteries hardens and thickens. Hypertension is one of the causes of diabetes. Due to hypertension, blood pressure increases. This increases the risk of coronary and heart diseases. That is why, many diabetic suffer from heart stroke or blockage.

Hair fall: After you are detected with diabetes, there a lot of chances to suffer from heavy hair loss. The thick hair starts thinning and slowly, you will start looking bald. Due to excessive anxiety, stress and poor blood flow in the body, chances of hair fall increases. That is why, the re-growth process among diabetics is very slow. Even the prescribed medicines effect the growth of hair follicles and also weakens the hair roots. If you are not detected with diabetes, excessive hair loss, fatigue, skin irritation can be few symptoms of the disease.

Excessive urination: Diabetics feel more thirsty. That is why they drink lots of water and urinate frequently. Also when there is a high rise of blood sugar or body glucose levels, you have to visit the toilet very often. Sugar in bloodstream increases blood osmolality . This tends to pull more fluids out of the tissues into the kidney. Due to overload of fluid in the kidney, frequent urination is a problem that diabetics face in day to day lives. Also, to prevent dehydration, diabetics drink lots of water that increases the production of urine in the bladder.

Sleepiness: If you have a diabetic at home, then you might have noticed that the patient feels really sleepy after every meal. Due to high intake of carbohydrates and sugar in meal, diabetics feel tired and sleepy. Lack of sugar supply to the blood cells (source of energy) makes them feel tired and lazy. Also, high blood sugar levels of diabetics is one of the causes behind excessive sleepiness.

Blurred vision: Also known as diabetic retinopathy, it is a condition when the vision is not clear. A diabetic suffers from blurred vision if the high blood glucose levels are not treated, when the blood pressure is extremely high. Also, swelling of blood vessels in the eyes weakens the vision.

These are few changes that occur in body due to diabetes. Do you suffer from more changes?

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