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Why Do Palms And Arms Sweat Excessively?

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Is it embarrassing to see your arms going damp and smelling bad? Well, it is a common problem to many individuals. Excessive sweating on palms and arms may be due to hyperhydrosis where the over activity in the nerves sending signals to the sweat glands. Today, we will discuss on the cause, symptoms and treatment for excessive sweating of arms and palms. Take a look.

Excessive Sweating Palms And Arms

1. Causes: There may be many reasons for sweating apart from hyperhydrosis such hypoglycemia, arthritis, tuberculosis, metabolic dysfunction, parasites and liver related problems. If it is due to hyperhydrosis then it may be genetically transmitted.

2. Symptoms: Excessive sweating is not the only symptom of the nerve activity but there are many more. Reddening of skin, ears turning red and hot may also be noticed.

3. Prevention: Relaxing exercise can calm the over anxiety behaviour. Cutting down the intake of food containing “acetylcholine".
b. Use of antiperspirants.
c. Avoiding caffeine and drugs.

4. Treatment: Cutting the sympathetic nerves that result in stimulating sweat glands (blocking neurotransmitter).
b. Treatments like 'iontophoresis'.
c. Medication of antidepressants, antihistamines, anticholinergics and tranquilizers can treat the problem.

5. Home Remedies: Soaking hands in warm water containing a few drops of lemon or concentrated tea concoction will reduce sweating of arms and palms. The acids in tea has an astringent action of the nerves.

6. Surgery: Electrolysis, liposuction and laser treatments.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 11:47 [IST]
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