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Insight On Pregnancy Diabetes

Why pregnancy Diabetes is different from Diabetes in other time?

Pregnancy Diabetes is one situation where we strongly recommend controlling diabetes very strictly with particular emphasis on postprandial sugar checking (two hours after food). Also it is very important to remember that dose requirement of Insulin in pregnancy always increase as the baby grows bigger. This is because placenta increases in size through out the pregnancy to keep the baby well. Placenta secretes some hormones which works against Insulin. If the dose of Insulin does not increase we feel worried with the function of the placenta.

Is the diet different in Pregnancy?

As the demand is more the calorie intake should be more in pregnancy. In average an increase of 500 calorie is advised. If you are overweight then there is no need to increase this, also you should not try to diet strictly or loose weight. It is better to see a professional dietitian at the time of diagnosis. Three meal and three snack regimen is very much indicated in pregnancy.

Why can not I use tablet for Diabetes in pregnancy?

Tablets available for treatment of Diabetes cross the placenta. We do not give tablet in pregnancy with the fear that baby"s blood sugar may drop. Also tablets take long time to work and we need to change the treatment in pregnancy very frequently, so tablets are not good.

What is the best way of monitoring Diabetes in Pregnancy?

In pregnancy we strongly recommend using glucometer, so that control will be there in your hand. It is important to remember that we check all postprandial sugar, rather than checking only after breakfast, as is the common practice. HbA1C checking can be of some value to keep an eye on average control.

How often to monitor sugar in pregnancy?

It is important that we keep a close eye on the sugar in pregnancy. Normally in pregnancy we prefer monitoring fasting and 2-hr after meal sugars i.e., fasting, 2 hrs after breakfast, 2 hrs after lunch and 2 hrs after dinner. This set; we would prefer should be done twice a week 2-3 days apart.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 28, 2010, 17:25 [IST]
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