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Lockdown Extended: Top 10 Points from PM Narendra Modi Speech on April 14

While the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 came to an end today, and several state governments have already announced the lockdown extension in their states, today, on 14 April at 10 am, PM Narendra Modi has announced the extension of the complete lockdown of the country till May 3.

While addressing the nation on COVID-19 pandemic on 14 April, PM Narendra Modi said, I respectfully bow to people of India for the sacrifices and the hardships they have gone through to save this nation from COVID-19 pandemic. If we follow the rules of lockdown, be patient, only then we will be able to defeat Coronavirus.

Top 10 Points from Narendra Modi Speech on 14 April-

1. Indians Are Tackling COVID-19 Like Disciplined Soldiers

It is only due to countrymen's efforts, we have been able to tackle the damage caused by COVID-19 to a huge extent. Like a disciplined soldier, people across the nation have performed their duties and taken care of your responsibilities. I salute to all people of India for their sacrifices.

2. India Began Screening For COVID-19 Early

India began screening of passengers from COVID-19 affected countries even when this country had not a single COVID-19 positive patient.

3. India Made It Compulsory For Foreign Returnees To Remain In 14-Day Isolation

Even before COVID19 cases reached 100 in India, this nation made it compulsory for foreign returnees to remain in isolation for 14 days. As a precautionary measure, we imposed 21-day lockdown when we had 550 cases.

4. India Didn't Wait for The Problem To Escalate

When the problems related to COVID-19 appeared, India didn't wait for the problem to escalate. India's holistic, integrated approach and quick decisions are helping us to survive through the COVID-19 crisis.

5. India Extends Lockdown Till 3 May

Considering all suggestions and possibilities, we have decided to extend the lockdown till 3 May, Sunday, said PM Modi.

6. Till 20 April There Will Be A Strict Lockdown

Till 20 April, there will be a strict lockdown, be it states, districts, localities or areas- everything will be closely monitored. People should strictly implement the norms. Some important activities will be resumed keeping in mind the livelihood of needy people.

7. Breaking Rules Of Lockdown Will Not Be Tolerated

If anyone breaks the rule of lockdown and if any area gets affected by COVID-19 then the relaxations in these areas will be immediately dissolved. States will also ensure that the hotspots don't increase.

8. India Has Made Arrangements For 1 Lakh Beds, 600+ Hospitals

While there are 10,000 COVID-19 Patients then there is a requirement of about 1500 to 1600 beds for these patients, say, health experts. But, in India, we have made arrangements for 1 lakh beds. And there are more than 600 hospitals that are working for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

9. New Guidelines Will Be In Favour Of Poor And Daily Wage Workers

While making new guidelines, the interests of the poor and daily wage workers have been taken into consideration. Harvesting of Rabi crops is also underway. Central Govt and state Govts are working together to ensure that the farmers face minimal problems.

10. PM Narendra Modi Asks The Support Of Countrymen In 7 Things-

  • Look after the elderly people in your homes, especially those who are already affected by some diseases, we have to take care of them.
  • Follow the rules of social distancing and lockdown. Use facemasks made in the home.
  • To increase your immunity, follow the guidelines by the Ministry of Ayush. Be it consuming hot water, or any hot liquid, follow them
  • To contain the spread of COVID-19, install Arogya Setu mobile app and also inform and inspire to download the app.
  • Take care of needy people and ensure their basic necessity of food is fulfilled.
  • In your organisation, business, show empathy to your employees and do not remove them from the work.
  • Respect and be proud of all the Corona warriors of this nation, be it doctors, nurses, health workers, policemen.
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