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How To Set Up A Grooming Kit For Men: 9 Basic Things You'll Need

Who said men (cismen and transmen) couldn't have a self-care kit? The answer would be - NO ONE! Yet, why, even in 2022, do a few rotten apples think that a man shouldn't have a skincare routine because apparently, it's feminine? It puzzles me, tbh.

Taking care of your skin and you have nothing to do with gender identity, people. I mean, it's a necessity. Do you not love your skin? Anyway, rant apart, today, I want to help you guys build a basic grooming kit if you're male-aligned, or gift it to any man in your life.

Grooming Kit For Men: Basic Things You'll Need

1. A Hair Trimmer

The most common question regarding trimmers and clippers is: "Can I use the same device for trimming my beard and buzzing my hair?" The short answer is: No, you can't. However, your beard trimmer can do some hair detailing. So, get a hair trimmer for your hair.

2. A Multitasking Beard Trimmer

Your beard trimmer can do more than just look after your facial hair. You can also use it to clean the perimeter of your head hair. Invest in one with multiple guard lengths and types so that you can tackle those unique clean-ups between haircuts.

3. A Lightweight Beard Detailer

This third device, a dedicated beard detailer, needs to be kept separate from all the others. This is because detailers usually maintain errant eyebrows, nose hairs, moustaches and beards, so they do not grow naturally.

4. A Body Groomer

It's the body groomer responsible for maintaining (more or less) everything else. With the help of a strategically angled or face-guarded trimmer, you can get the appearance of smoothness. Or you can maintain a very light layer of fuzz every couple of weeks or months.

5. A Blow Dryer

The blow dryer simply speeds up the styling process, and the heat from the dryer also makes your hair more pliable for whatever style you're going for. When it comes to travel blow dryers for men, you don't need anything more than that unless you have long hair.

6. A Safety Razor

It's the closest and cleanest shave you can get without going to a barber. It is not easy to learn and master, but your skin will be silky smooth once you do. As a bonus, safety blades are cheaper to buy, and since you'll replace them more frequently, you'll always have a sharp, clean shave. Cartridge razors are excellent for beginners.

7. A Protective Pre-Shave Oil

It's common for men to rush through their shaving routine and wonder why they have so many ingrown hairs or irritations. Begin with a warm splash of water to open your pores, then use a pre-shave oil to protect your skin. It forms a thin layer of defence on top of your bare skin.

8. A Shave Cream or Gel

If your skin is tolerant of razors, choose a sensitive skin shave cream. Fragrance-free formulas (with their soothing, cooling ingredients) are always a good choice for your skin.

9. An Aftershave

Always follow with a skin-toning aftershave balm - this will help neutralize any bacteria, disinfect and balance the skin while forming a protective layer on the outside (unlike aftershave toners and sprays, which focus on the balance and instant disinfecting without creating a shield against toxins and bacterial intrusions). Alternatively, you can pair a toner or splash with a defensive moisturiser to break up that step.

Few more things to add to the men's grooming kit:

  • Hairstyling products
  • Shower gel
  • Bathing soap/gel
  • Face wash
  • Exfoliating scrub
  • Moisturiser
  • Deodorant
  • Lip balm
  • A small scissors
Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2022, 12:48 [IST]
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