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White Lotus' Daphne Sullivan Is The Right Pop Of Colour: Recreate Her Outfit


It seems like White Lotus Season 2 is all the rage these days - and for the right reasons!

Despite their privilege and problems, these vacationers and their taste in fashion have us wishing for our next vacation.

This show is a gem, so if you haven't watched it yet, you should.

White Lotus Daphne Sullivan Outfits

With a tight script and storyline to match, it is no surprise that the costumes of the characters received a great deal of attention.

Our recreate the celebrity look today will be focusing on Meghann Fahy's character, a stay-at-home mum visiting Rome with her husband Cameron. She plays the character of Daphne Sullivan, who imo, is the right pop of colour to that mix of people - with her flowery, flowy gowns and delicate gold jewellery.

White Lotus' Daphne Sullivan Is The Right Pop Of Colour: Recreate Her Outfit Here

White Lotus' Daphne Sullivan: Recreate Her Look

Audrey Hepburn has been cited as an inspiration by the show's costume designer. Daphne may not be your cup of tea, but her splashy wardrobe certainly could be.

A big part of the character's appeal is her apparent indifference; and unlike the others, she doesn't seem to carry much existential resentment.

As the character of Daphne wears a Zimmermann (which is sold out now) gown in the show, which costs around 1 lakh rupees, yes, that's right, you do not need to spend that much money to replicate the outfit.

We will break down and recreate one of Daphne's best looks from the White Lotus Season 2.


The Dress:

To complete the look, wear a bright, dramatic floral dress, a star necklace, and some drop earrings.

A dramatic floral dress with frills is ideal. The key to recreating the outfit is to keep the bright shades of orange and soft green. However, you may also choose to wear bright colours such as yellow, purple, etc.

To get the look 'right', keep an eye out for a mix of colours rather than one single shade.


The Necklace:

It is ideal to wear a star necklace with the flowy flowery dress. You can wear a single layered necklace or multiple layered necklaces to complete the look. You can easily find star necklaces online or it is likely that you have one lying around your jewellery box.


The Earrings:

As a complement to the flower dress, opt for dropping earrings; additionally, choose chunky, pearly earrings that sway with the wind and your dress.


The Sandals:

The benefit of this look is that you can wear flats or heels; how cool. Pick a sandal in a brownish tone or something similar to a dark straw-like shade in order to avoid clashing with the entire ensemble.

Okay, girls, that's all for now. Oh, you can carry a sling bag, satchel or a straw bag if you wish.

[image source: Pinterest]

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