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STYLE TIPS: Know How To Style According To Your Body Shape


Fashion is not just for one body type and with the rage of skinny and thin models, we often forget that women of not all countries have the same body shape.

Style is primary for every person, irrespective of the body type or size. We often get confused about suiting ourselves with the best way of styling according to our body type.

First of all, we need to divide the types of body shapes we have. They are primarily: Hourglass, Apple, Pear or Rectangular.

Here, we have summarized the types of attires you can wear according to your body types and shapes, looking better than anyone who has been bodyshaming you for either being too skinny or being plump.


Hourglass Figure

Hourglass figure is of definite hourglass shape and girls who tend to have this kind of body have their busts and hips in parallel proportion. The belly is flat while the upper and lower part of the body have similar dimensions. Girls with hourglass figure tend to have thinner legs than the bust or hip's shapes.


Style For Hourglass Figure

Girls who have such a body shape tend to look great in primarily sheath or bodycon dresses. To flaunt the perfect body curves, you have to wear outfits that would define your curves. Even if you are wearing an oversized top or jacket, wear a belt over it to make your curves look perfect.

Photo by Enrico Carcasci on Unsplash


Apple Figure

People with an apple figure tend to have a heavy waist or upper body compared to their legs. Just like the shape of an apple, they have a thinner bottom and a wide or fatter upper portion. Apple-shaped figures have the benefit of wearing skimpier bottoms than people with equal and heavier body proportions.


Style For Apple Figure

Styling is challenging but way cooler for people with such body shapes. We recommend women of such figure to wear looser tops and skimpier bottoms. The style looks perfect. For having an advantage of a curvier torso, utilise it by wearing boyfriend T-shirts and baggy attires. V-neck attires are your best friend.

For your bottom wear, rely on any skinny jeans or skin-tight bottoms.

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


Pear Figure

In European and Asian countries, pear-shaped bodies are very famous. In a country like India, approximately 70% of the woman population have a natural pear-shaped body. A pear-shaped body is partially the opposite of an apple shaped figure.

People with pear-shaped figure tend to have heavier thighs and hips, making the waistline more clear; they tend to carry saris and Indian traditional attires at its best.


Style For Pear Figure

Pear figure girls look amazing in attires that have a skimpier top and a flairy bottom. Indian traditional clothes are all designeed for pear-shaped figure women. Don't believe it? Just analyze the combination of a sari and blouse, lehenga and its blouse, ghagra and its choli, and many more such examples. Even bohemian attires like a skirt and a crop blouse or crop tops with baggy trousers, all go best with pear shaped figure.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


Rectangular Figure

People with rectangular figure have a straight body dimension. Even if they are fat or thin, their shoulders to the thighs are of the same proportion. Women having rectangular shaped figure tend to have a broad shoulder with boarder thighs. If a person is very thin with such a body shape, they look uniform throughout.


Style For Rectangular Figure

Though having a proportionate figure is a boon but for not having defined curves around the body, styling is a bit challenging. Worry not! It is not impossible to look great and stand out with a rectangular body shape. Do not believe? We have Sonam Kapoor for you, who has a rectangular body shape and is also Bollywood's one of the biggest style icons. Still have a doubt? We don't think so!

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash

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