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10 Gajra Hairstyles To Try On Kerala (Kasavu) Sarees This Onam #CheckOut

By Staff

Onam festival has begun and we are ready to spice up your Onam look here. The 10-day Onam festival will go on until September 14.

You may have already picked your Kasavu or Kerala sarees for the Onam day but have you picked any hairstyle? No? Well, we have a great news for you. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about gajra hairstyles to wear with Kasavu sarees on Onam.

Obviously, you'll go for gajras to amp up your Kasavu saree look but to amp it up a bit more, take a look at the 10 types of gajra hairstyles that you can try on your Kasavu sarees. Make your white and gold saree look even more beautiful with these listed hairstyles.

1. The Full Gajra: This gajra style is graceful and drives full attention to your hair. The trick is you make a little bun and then pleat your hair. The bounce of the hair will help to bring out the full gajra effect. This style is mostly worn during the wedding but you can try this on Onam too.

2. The Full Cover Bun: This style also falls under the bridal category. But if you love floral-embellished hair why not try this? Try making a bun and cover the entire bun with gajra. Pick a net saree for this one so that you can show off the gorgeous bun you have.

3. Two Lined Gajra: Instead of covering it fully, try the single lines of gajra. Make a bun. Cover the sides of bun with a gajra line and then pin another line on the bun. Add a head jewellery if you like.

4. The Lily Gajra: Instead of going traditional, take a modern approach. Choose lily in place of mogra or chameli. Add lily on the side of your bun. You can make a simple bun or the one with braids or hair twist and turn.

5. The Easy Gajra: This one is probably the simplest gajra style of all time. All you have to do is tie a neat bun and put a line of gajra around it. If you are running out of time, go with this. But we suggest trying a better version of this gajra.

6. Open Gajra: This will enhance the look of your kasavu saree. All you have to do is make a bun and instead of aligning the gajra around it, leave it open. It will look something like this...

7. Accentuated Gajra: Try a combination of mogra and chameli for your gajra style. This is a bit tricky. But if you take your time and put in a bit of effort, you'll end up with this...

8. The Two-Layered Gajra: Half-tie your hair and pin a two-layered gajra on the back of your hair. This is an easy one. Comes handy when you are running out of time.

9. The Under Layered Gajra: Gajra hairstyle keeps getting interesting. Instead of the ordinary on top gajra style, try an under layer gajra style. It will look something like this...

10. Bun Gajra With Space: Wrap your bun in gajra and leave a bit of space that will flash your hair in a way that top of your hair can be seen but the bottom of the hair won't.

Happy Onam Everyone! Look gorgeous, stay gorgeous.

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