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    What To Wear During Pregnancy? Here's Your Answer

    what to wear during pregnancy

    Styling during one's maternity days is really challenging and not just for the change in shape, you also get frustrated by the hormonal changes that follow. Now, the best thing that you can gift yourself is the full-on shopping spree and it will surely be the best therapy for you.

    If you follow your favourite celebrities, you will see that styling yourself during your pregnancy period is no more than a challenge. You should follow these styling rules and also the tips which would guide you to not be a fashion disaster.

    So, do read the points to see what to wear and what to avoid wearing during your pregnancy period.


    Styling Depends On The Pregnancy Stage

    With your pregnancy stage, your body structure changes and along with that, you will need to update your style statements. The style during your first trimester can be as normal as your daily attire, as this is the stage when there is the least change in your body structure.

    During the second trimester, opt for style books which are comparatively comfortable because the changes in your body structure have already started by now and the body needs to feel good in the clothes. So, opt for loose-fit clothes but not too loose ones that would make you look wider.

    During the third trimester, the challenges increase but we have our pieces of advice to solve your issues.


    DO NOT Wear Oversized Clothes

    This is not just a statement but a hardcore advice because most women tend to wear oversized attires or even their partners' outfits. You might think this is comfortable but if you ask us, it is too bad for the style. There is no fault in showcasing your baby bump. Trust us, it is cute! Oversized clothes make you look bulgy and that is surely a style disaster.


    It Is The Stripes Game, Baby!

    So, the biggest problems with styling during pregnancy is primarily the change in body shape in every three months and then the struggle of looking thinner. Stripes are the best things to adorn as your style book to affect your body shape. Vertical stripes have always helped to hide the curves and wearing them during pregnancy can make your maternity styles cooler.


    Bodycon Dresses Are Totally Fine

    It is a total misconception when would-be mommies think that they would look terrible in a bodycon dress. Trust us, you would not. There are celebrities who have set examples at wearing your bodycon dress and flaunting the cute baby bump to its fullest. Bodycon dresses, in fact, make you look thinner, which is totally opposite to what fuller dresses do.


    Tunic With Jeans Pair Be The Best

    The pair of attire you can possess during the period of your pregnancy is a pair of different kinds of tunics and a pair of jeans, leggings or even chinos. They are way comfortable for your outing attires and you can also choose between designs to make some of the pairs as a perfect party fit.


    Floral Maxi Dresses To Make The Look Fresh

    During pregnancy, hormonal changes tend to make you look dull and while you apply all the recommended treatments for looking fresh, we would recommend you to have a change in your look. Even if you are not a floral person, try this style during this period, as floral prints surely make you look brighter and fresh.


    More And More Patterns

    Plain-coloured attires, if not black or white, tend to look dull on pregnant women. Try to look brighter and prettier by donning some really beautiful prints, ranging from motif to paisley. The more you experiment with patterns, the prettier you will look. You can also try graphic prints.


    Wanna Look Hot? Grab A Shirt Dress

    The best way to look hotter during pregnancy is to wear shirt dresses. They are easy to carry, will make your baby bump look cuter and then you can look hot as well. Refer to Kourtney Kardashian's maternity look, where she was wearing this cool shirt dress.


    Look For The Prettiest Lehengas

    If you have any planning of attending a function like a wedding, reception or any traditional occasion during the special 9 months of your maternity period, opt for lehengas and not sarees. You can take an inspiration from Kareena Kapoor Khan's look in Sabyasachi Mukherjee for the Lakme Fashion Week.


    NEVER Dare To Wear Heels

    Though a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing heels during pregnancy, it actually affects your health. It is also risky to suffer from a miscarriage or even falling down that could cause further injury. Even if your favourite celebrity has carried such a look, it is surely a bad inspiration.

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