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How To Wear Shorts For Big Thighs! Curvy Girls, This Is For You!

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It's summer and the good old shorts are back. Didn't we miss them? It's the season of wearing shorts, style them up and run in them.

But alas, there are many who do want to enjoy this seasonal trend. Why? Simply because they think it's too much for them. 

My friends who have big thighs are always finding excuses to not to wear shorts. But, I don't understand why? It's all about styling cleverly.

If you style good, there is now way you can look bad in big thighs or small thighs for that matter. 

In this piece, I have listed 7 ways you can style your shorts if you have big thighs. From prints to belts to scarves, I've listed everything you're always wondering to know.

Try the exact lookbooks below and watch how you stop complaining about your thighs and loving your shorts more.

1. Lace It Up: Try a full sleeve lace top with your knee-length shorts. Add a sling bag and switch to sling bags. Try darker shades for the top.

2. Suit It Up:  Opt for a full-length white tank top. Preferably, body-hugging. Add a darker shade blazer and big belt. Make sure you tuck in the tank top. Add a sling bag. 

3. Keep It Casual: Add a black body-hugging tee with your distressed denims. Tuck it in.

4. Add Accents: Get a detailed top. A lace top or a paisley print. Add a printed scarf and a tan belt. 

5. Add A Jacket: For another lazy day, go for a basic black spaghetti and blue denims but this time, add an oversized grey jacket.

6. Keep It Elegant: Add a sleeveless top. Or, if you want, get a full sleeve black top. Tuck it in your cotton shorts. Fold both the hems of the short. Add a petite tan belt to maximise the look. 

7. Make It Edgy: Add a graphic tee or a tank top. Tuck it in your shorts. Add an animal print blazer. 

So are you up to sham your inhibitions and try the shorts you always wanted? Let us know how did this work out for you?

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