Promoting Khadi: Salman And Sonam Walked The Ramp For The Second Edition Of Huts To High Street

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Khadi is a fabric which came into being from India, introduced by Mahatma Gandhi. This fabric gained a lot of popularity during the struggle of independence because it was the non-violent weapon to boycott the colonial goods.

Lately, as India got under the influence of globalization, the Khadi tradition started to disappear from India. The Huts To High Street is an initiative by the Gujarat State Khadi &Village Industries Board(GSKVIB) collaborated with Fashion Design Coucil Of India(FDCI) to promote Khadi and fashion inspired from Khadi. This was the second edition of Huts To High Street and was a huge success. It happened at the IIM Ahmedabad campus.

The Huts To High Street showcased a lot of famous designers like Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Khadi specialist 11.11/Eleven Eleven and many others. The shows were scintillating, and were filled with vibrant Khadi colours. Indeed a very powerful initiative to keep the Khadi tradition alive in India.

The key attraction of the entire show was Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor. They were the showstoppers for Rohit Bal and Rajesh Pratap Singh. They walked as a pair for Rohit Bal's show and were in singles for Rajesh Pratap's show. Let's see what Salman did to his Prem Ratan Dhan Payo co-star Sonam while promoting Khadi, at the Huts To High Street event by GSKVIB collaborated with FDCI:

Salman Khan And Sonam Kapoor Walked The Ramp At 'Hut To High Street'

1. Pero By Aneeth Arora

Pero is a brand by Aneeth Arora. She is young, talented and Indian fashion designer. She loves to experiment with fabrics. And for Huts To High Street Arora displayed an entire plethora of style and simplicity. The collection was filled with white and blue hues. The colors were minimalistic yet edgy.


2. Rohit Bal's White Swans

Rohit Bal is a veteran designer in the Indian fashion industry and has featured his collection in a lot of fashion shows in the past. This show was really amazing to see as he played with the Khadi really well. He molded Khadi into beautiful gowns and embellished couture bottom. The white and gold hues were simply breath-taking to look at.


. Rajesh Pratap Singh's Red Ensembles

Rajesh Pratap is famous for his corporate and formal collections. At Huts To High Street, he had a vast collection of formals to display. His outfits were all in red separates. The red wide-legged pants with a suit is formal yet fashionable. Who said Khadi is not fashionable?


4. 11.11/Eleven Eleven- Khadi Experts

11.11/Eleven Eleven is a Delhi-based brand owned by Himanshu and Mia. They are known as Khadi experts because they work exclusively with Khadi . 11.11/Eleven Eleven is renowned for promoting Khadi collections in the fashion festivals. So, how could they miss this event?


5. Showstoppers: Salman And Sonam For Rohit Bal

Salman Khan along with his Prem Ratan Dhan Payo co-star Sonam Kapoor walked the ramp for Rohit Bal. They were the showstoppers, and they dazzled the runway together. They were dressed in ethnic attires. Sonam was dressed in a long white and golden lehenga, whereas Salman was dressed in a black sherwani with a floral stole. A jaw-dropping moment.


6. Salman For Rajesh Pratap Singh

After walking with Sonam for Rohit Bal, Salman walked the ramp for Rajesh Pratap Singh. The showstopper outfit hugged him in a beautiful way. He was clad in white from head to toe. The white kurta and panthani pant gave him the edge and the Nehru jacket gave him the X-factor.


7. Sonam For Rajesh Pratap Singh

Sonam Kapoor made heads turn at the runway of Hut To High Street. She looked sexy in the showstopper dress by Rajesh Pratap Singh. She was clad in a red cropped hem gown along with a red scarf. The shiny golden over-sized jacket is what we call hi-fashion.

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