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Ladies, Click To Know How To Dress Up For The Beach This Season!

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We all know the beaches of Goa, Pondicherry, Gokarna are about to open their gates for the tourists from around the world, in a few weeks. So we want you to come on a ride with us to know 'what beach wears to opt this season of fall'.

Women and ladies, most of the times we are way too skeptical when it comes to the topic of beach wear. Also many of them think that beach wear only comprises of lingeries and bikinis, well NO. Truth is, beach wear is vast when it comes to versatility, and we have got the right thing for you in store.

So girls! Prepare yourselves for the journey to the world of beach wears which includes, rompers, bikinis, maxi gowns, shorts and one piece swimsuit.

1. Rompers

Trending Beach Wear fashion 2015

Oh girl! You just need to flaunt your edges with this piece of attire. Have this option for walks on the beach, especially with your partners. Also to relax in the shacks and just enjoy the view of sunset. This attire is very versatile, and could be worn to get inside the beach as well.

2. Bikinis

Trending Beach Wear fashion 2015

You're in Goa and no Bikinis? Just not happening. Pick the best pair of bikini and just sizzle the beach with your glowing skin and get sun kissed. The best part of being on the beach is getting sun kissed wearing your sexy tiny hot bikini.

3. One Piece Swimsuit

Trending Beach Wear fashion 2015

Girl! Be that bold enough to just sizzle the day or eve. You got a beach party? Then definitely go for this, as it is much convenient for you to just take a dunk in the sea and then wrap your self with a stole to enter the party. This is a definite must for a girl to have this on the beach this season.

4. Maxi Gowns

Trending Beach Wear fashion 2015

This design or outfit would never leave us, it would come wherever we go. Maxi gowns are always fashionable. Floral maxi gowns are just an add on or a brownie point if you're in your honeymoon and that too on a beach. Yes, these maxi gowns can be worn for walks, dates, dinner dates, sunsets and other romantic moments.

5. Shorts

Trending Beach Wear fashion 2015

Shorts and beach go parallel to each other. This is the most versatile outfit one could wear on the beach. Opt this for dates, dinner, beach party, walks or just to relax and sun bath. It could be donned for almost everything on the beach.

So we hope you definitely enjoyed reading our tips for beach wear. We at Boldsky make all the possible effort to make you look presentable, fashionable and stylish day in and day out. Do leave us a comment about your idea of a beach wear.

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Story first published: Monday, September 14, 2015, 18:01 [IST]
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