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Michelle Obama Knits For Barack Obama And Her Daughters; Find Out More About Her Quarantine Hobby


Amid lockdown, most of us kept or keeping ourselves busy with household chores and work goals. And some of us also developed hobbies to stay motivated. For instance, the former First Lady of USA, Michelle Obama worked on her hobby. Last year, she revealed on the Rachael Ray Show that she picked up a new hobby during the pandemic - knitting. And of late, the former First Lady updated Gayle King about her knitting during a CBS This Morning interview.

In the interview, she told Gayle King that she knitted tops for her daughters Sasha and Malia. She also added that she made a crewneck sweater for her husband and the former President, Barack Obama. Gayle King also in good humour said that she doesn't mean disrespect but the hobby sounded "very old lady". To which Michelle Obama replied, 'But it's not old lady, I don't want you to come for my knitting community Gayle.'

Well, Michelle Obama is a part of the knitting community, as she revealed to Rachael Ray last year. She said, 'They don't know I'm in the knitting community, because I don't use my real name. I have some knitting tutors who I go through to get my yarns and my patterns.' She also told Ray that she has knitted a blanket, five scarves, and three halter tops, and a couple of hats for Barack. The Becoming author also added that she had finished her first pair of mittens for Malia.

Well, Michelle Obama has certainly made a good use of her quarantine time. Are you inspired to take up a knitting course after reading about Michelle Obama's story? Let us know that.

Picture Source: Instagram