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#FashionCheatSheet: Get Jacqueline Fernandez's Travel Look In Just 4944

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Well, it's not a new thing that B-town divas like to travel in style. Every B-town hottie has got her own signature style and we love to share their wardrobe whenever we can. We know how you guys adore celebrity outfits and the least we could do is give you the facsimile of their outfits that comes under your monthly budget.

If you go about buying the entire outfit, it might cost you a zillion; fashion should be easy and approachable. Well, that's why we are here to share with you the best of celebrity outfits that you can buy without spending a lot.

This time Jacqueline Fernandez has swooned our hearts with her travel look and we have decided to cover her outfit. She wore a chic pair of denim skirt and jacket matched neatly with a white crop top. We also admired her black leather bag. Now, do you care to shop this look? Let's get started then... 

Jacqueline's Exclusive Travel Look In 5K

Denim Skirt: This chic denim skirt is a must for every denim lover. Surprisingly, it you can grab this pretty piece in only 1295. Isn't it cheap?

Jacqueline's Exclusive Travel Look In 5K

Grab the skirt here.

Denim Jacket: You probably have these already. But let's be serious. If I had a 5 star yesterday, I shouldn't have another one today? Of course, not. Go, make this beautiful denim yours. 

Jacqueline's Exclusive Travel Look In 5K

Grab the jacket here. Price: 1495/-

White Crop Top: Crop tops have become a new fashion phenoma. And we love how Jacky has neatly paired her white crop top with denim. You can do that, too. Only in 455 Rs.

Jacqueline's Exclusive Travel Look In 5K

Grab the crop top here.

Black Handbag: This is a perfect travel hand bag. Keep everything at one place with this stunning black leather hand bag.

Jacqueline's Exclusive Travel Look In 5K

Grab the bag here. Price: 1699/-

Now, let's do the math. 

Denim Jacket: 1495/-

Denim Skirt: 1295/-

Crop top: 455/-

Hand bag: 1699/-

Total:  4944, Not a big price to pay for Jacky's outfit, eh?

Well, then, don't just wait...Go and make this outfit yours!

Story first published: Friday, November 6, 2015, 17:24 [IST]
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