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    From Flirty To Fuss-Free, #Sari Goals For This Summer

    By Devika
    Sari fashion

    Saris have come a long way, but have you? Over the years, the saris have gone through a lot of experimentation and still is, to suit the needs of modern independent women - which is you!

    Not just restricted to serpentine folds, saris today have become more than a traditional wear!

    However, we have this wrong notion that sari is hard to carry and can be worn only on a few special occasions. But these are the myths attached to the sari, right! In fact, saris have evolved into a fun, flirty, and fuss-free wear. You can easily switch saris as an everyday wear rather than wearing tight pants, which are not summer-friendly.

    Sari fashion

    These days you even get pre-stitched saris, so you don't even have to worry about draping it like your mother or grandmother. Sari, at once, can transform your look and make you stand out. With sari, you can have a league of your own.

    So, if you are the woman, who has a busy lifestyle, and like most of us thinks that sari is not her cup of tea, we will convince you to rethink your opinion.

    Here are the pointers, which will answer your 'Why Sari?' queries.

    1.For Increased Comfort level

    Sometimes you have to step out of one comfort zone to get into an enhanced comfort zone. This is the case with saris. Saris comes in myriad fabrics such as cotton, linen, chiffon, etc. So when it is humid, sari wouldn't stick to your body unlike leggings, you will feel a lot cooler than people around. Depending on the fabric, sari is essentially a loose piece of garment, so it has a 'breathability' factor.

    2. For Fascinating Those Around You

    Sari fashion

    Today, saris have witnessed such intriguing transformations that it gets hard to ascertain that whether it is a sari or not. The contemporary saris have become more of a fusion wear. You can buy various kinds of saris including dhoti, coiled, and belted sari among others and look different and stunning in the evening parties, semi-formal functions, and even if you are headed to the office.

    3. For Interesting Combinations

    Saris have gone beyond the classic nivi drapes and the round-neck blouses. Moreover, modern saris can be teamed with edgy blouses such as boat-neck, shirt, cape, etc.., to create an interesting look. Also, quirky, elegant, and statement jewellery pieces can be paired with saris. So, yes sari is a very fluid wear, it can give you any style that you want.

    4. For Any Kind Of Body Structure

    A versatile wear - sari can be draped in innumerable ways. With a sari, you can choose to hide or reveal. Be it tall and slim or short and stout, a sari can adapt to any figure. So, you don't have to feel conscious, when sporting a sari.

    5. For The Woman Of Substance

    Sari fashion

    Sari is synonymous with power. You must have heard this common family phrase, "She can tie a sari", which translates to that she has a control over her life. Moreover, in the world of power suits and blazer dresses, you can easily don a sari at and make a statement. A sari-clad woman is more than often taken very seriously.

    Story first published: Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 18:08 [IST]
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