BridalFashion: Saree Collection For The First Day And A Few More Days After The Wedding

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These days people are highly indulged in the wedding apparel gossip. A swarm of bridal outfits with their accentuated version from different class of Indian designers is adding to the bridal trousseaux. 

Everything is staged around the D-day. From outfits to menu selection, every important element is singled out for the wedding day.

In this hub hub of wedding preparation, we always miss out the post wedding preparations. And why wouldn't it happen? Since brides center their complete attention to their bridal lehengas and other outfits. What about the wardrobe post wedding? When you are newly married and want to flaunt your splendid closet with that glow of a newlywed bride...

Of course, a few witty brides keep a saree or two handy for the first day after wedding, but a lot of them just ignore the fact that first day after wedding is as vital as the wedding day. Since there will be a crowd of neighbors, relatives, cousins, family friends, etc., looking forward to greet the beautiful bride.

And if in case your in-laws family is too eager to celebrate your arrival, they'll have a range of functions. Also, let's not ignore how women of house must be eyeing your outfits for the first few days post the wedding. So to avoid any mishap and keep your wardrobe checked, we have 4 sarees for you that you can happily wrap around post your wedding day:

A Red And Golden Saree For The First Day After Wedding: Many brides love to follow the traditional wedding color -- red-- post wedding. The red saree with intricate golden designs matched neatly with a golden blouse can bring out your desired newlywed bride charm. You can go with a minimalistic jewelry look, pepped up with a red bindi.

4 Types Of Sarees For A Newlywed Bride

The Floral Print Saree: While many brides switch to the traditional heavy work silk sarees, you can don the modern easy-breezy bride look with this floral print saree. Grace it with a pearl necklace and Ramleela earrings.

4 Types Of Sarees For A Newlywed Bride

The Vibrant Girl-Next-Door Saree: Instead of following the heavy embroidered saree, choose a chic saree (the one below) with intricate designs that will retain your girly charms.

4 Types Of Sarees For A Newlywed Bride

The Phenomenal Yellow Saree: Yellow is never a no for a newlywed bride. You can accentuate the look with a saree pearl waist belt (Kamar bund). Add a red bindi or simple golden bangles to exhilarate the look.

4 Types Of Sarees For A Newlywed Bride

So dear brides, are you ready to rock and roll not only your wedding but also the days after the wedding? We hope your answer was a happy 'YES'!

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