6 Fashion Resolutions That Will Change Your 2016

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Are you ready to kickstart 2016? How many resolutions you've already broken after the 7th drink last night? So do you really think you'd have a no drinking resolution by drinking on New Year's? Well, what can we say? Resolutions are fun. You can make them and break them on your own wish.

Having talked about resolutions, you might have made many resolutions to channel your lifestyle in order; for instance, no caffeine for the year, lose weight, run every day, et al. But did you make any corrections to your style for this year?

We are homo sapiens and thereby more inclined to laziness. Procrastination is a pop culture term for laziness which use for defense whenever we need to reason with doing something.  How fashion is related to procrastination? Well, it surely is. 

Remember the time, when you switched to jeans only because you did not want to shave your legs for a skirt? Or, remember the time you couldn't control yourself from mixing disastrous prints just because you wanted to experiment. And that's why you need fashion resolutions in 2016 -- to avoid disastrous. 

We have been observing people and have listed down 6 fashion disastrous that people are most likely to make again in the year 2016. So to save yourself from further embarrassment and kill that urge, here we go with the 6 fashion resolutions of 2016 that you must follow:


1. I Will Invest Time & Buy Fitted Lingerie For Myself

Yes, we are very lazy when someone's inch-taping us. You'll be surprised to know that how many girls are wearing wrong size undergarments right now. Lingerie is the most important part of our wardrobe which we tend to take lightly.


2. I Will Definitely Avoid Matching Whites Shoes White Pants

It's a terrible pair and no good has ever come out of matching two white at the bottom. You might, for a second, feel it's good but it will make you look like Jitendra from 60s.


3. I Will Stop Wearing Skin-Colored Leggings

We all do this in the case of emergencies. But this is wrong. Don't want to shave? Let's wear leggings but don't forget people can see those unshaved legs. So shave your legs, drop the leggings or just wear a jeans.


4. I Will Stop Wearing Colored Lenses

Please! Please! Please! Nothing can be worst than colored lenses. We love to see ourselves in different eye colors but sometimes it can make you look like 90sNagin (Snake Queen). So unless you want to look like her, drop the fake lenses.


5. I Will Not Mix Prints

Want to start a fashion fad? Do anything but don't mix prints. A lot of time we feel experimental and mix prints. There is a simple rule when it comes to prints: Add a solid color top or bottom if the other one is printed.


6. I Will Not Overdo Makeup

We love makeup. Who doesn't? But there is a fine line b/w putting your face on the makeup and putting makeup on your face. Be stingy in this case and don't look like a goth.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 2, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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