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Durga Puja 2017 Will Be All About These Trends

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We are sure that every Bengali has geared up to look his/her best on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja. People who are in Bengal and also elsewhere have already started investing in amazing and trendy attires.

Before you complete your 'Pujo' shopping, we have something important to tell you. Fashion not just means about looking good but also following the latest trends. So, before you drop your shopping bags, we are here to tell you about this year's trending styles for Durga Puja.

durga puja special trend 2017

A few things are topping the list and in this article, we will discuss the most trending fashion styles which will be on the top of this year's trending list.


Motif Prints

Motif means the process of printing where a similar design or pattern is followed throughout the body of the outifit. Motif prints are also called block prints and this time they are one of the hits of this Durga Puja season.

Motif prints are hugely available in apparel stores and also online shopping hubs. The range varies between sarees to pants.


Gamcha Prints

All those who don't know about Gamcha prints, it is the unique handloom fabric widely used in Bengali households. It is soft and easy to carry.

Gamcha has been used by designers for making dresses to sarees. This year, Durga Puja will be incomplete without Gamcha printed attires.


Embroidered Tussore

Tussore is a traditional silk fabric, widely cultivated in Bengal and other parts of India and sarees have been made out of them since ages.

This year, the usual tussore silk sarees will be trending but with a difference. Embroidered tussore silk will be trending the most this 'pujo' and they can be worn by people of all ages.


Batik Prints

Another traditional Bengal handloom, Batik prints are a form of tie-and-die prints and it looks good not only in women's attires like sarees, kurtas or blouses, it also looks good in men's attires like kurtas and shirts.

They have always been there but fashion forecast says that these things will be trending the most during this 'pujo'.


Contrast Blouse

As matching blouses with sarees were popular last year, it is no more in style and we are forecasting the comeback of contrast blouses. Different coloured blouses from the sarees will be in style this year and we are loving this comeback.

You can keep a stock of different abstract prints and you can match them with any sari. The look-good factor depends on the way you carry.


Afghan Jewellery

As we are done talking about outfits, it is time to talk about the most trending jewellery of this year and we are confident that Durga Puja will be rocking with Afghan Jewellery this year. They can be matched with sarees, kurtas and also separates. Have you not got some of them yet?

Go get them, fast!

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