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Do You Know 8 Super Easy Ideas To Reuse Your Old Faded Jeans?

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Do you have a pile of old jeans in the corner of your wardrobe right now? Like at this moment while you read this. If your answer is a yes then you have landed to the right place. 

We keep on buying jeans, one after the other. But we never pay attention to the old ones. We either donate them to charity or just throw them away. Or, some generous lads will gift them to their domestic help. 

Doesn't it hurt when you spend a grand or more on a good pair of denim -- more like an investment. And then after a year or two, you have to give it away or make place for a new one. 

Well. no more. Now take out that pile of old jeans and turn them into beautiful usable pieces without having to spend much. Yes. It's possible now. Don't give away your jeans because if you do that you may regret it after you finish reading this post. 

Check out super fun and super cool DIY ideas to turn your old jeans into something usable. 


Turn It Into A Crop Top

Are you planning to give away your old jeans? Well, don't do that. Turn it into this sexy denim crop top and wear it like you just bought it from the seasonal sale.

Image Courtesy: Fab Art DIY


Turn It Into A Picnic Blanket

Have piled up jeans stashed in the corner of your wardrobe? Take them all out and convert them into a fancy colour blocked picnic blanket.

Image Courtesy: Houseful Of Handemade


Charger Holder

Rip off the pockets of your old jeans and turn them into quirky and eye-catching charger holders.

Image Courtesy: Deavita


Turn It Into Grocery Bag

Get rid of those disposable paper bags 7 make yourself a durable grocery bag which will last for months.

Image Courtesy: DIY Crafts & Decorations


Turn It Into Sexy Loafers

What's better than an old faded jeans? A brand new DIY shoes from that old faded pair?

Image Courtesy: Acultivatednest


Turn It Into A Hip Bracelet

Strap off the hems of your denim and turn it into a bracelet like the one on your left.

Image Courtesy: Dishfunctionaldesigns


Turn It Into A Bag

Make a fancy tote out of your old faded denim. Use a plain jeans or colour blocking pattern.

Image Courtesy: Vedena


Turn It Into A Pencil Holder

Don't have a tin can for keeping your stationery together? Make yourself a pencil holder with the use of old jeans.

Image Courtesy: Upcycleme

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