Diamonds And Emeralds Make A good Combo, Time To Get Them In Your Kitty!

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Diamonds are a great weakness for a lot of women out there. And if diamonds are accompanied with emeralds, brownie points. Women go penchant when they actually get to see diamonds and emeralds all together in one piece of jewellery.

Diamonds were always a style statement and a matter of pride for women, especially women in their late 20s and above. Ladies, be prepared to adorn yourselves with our style tips related to wearing diamonds and emeralds.

We on Boldsky are adherent towards fashion and trending styles, and we try to make every individual look fashionable and glamorous. Join hands with us and take our efforts deeper, as we talk about diamonds and emeralds, that when combined look gorgeous. Keep reading to know more about the combination jewellery which is doing firing wonders in the fashion world.

1. Lockets And Pendants

Diamond And Emerald Jewellery For Women

Lockets and Pendants are the prettiest you can find with this combination. Emerald locket coated with diamond beads on the sides looks super awesome and uber-chic on a lady. Opt this option for college, office, hangouts and breweries.

2. Hanging Earrings

Diamond And Emerald Jewellery For Women

Oomph! This design is just an accompany for your other diamond and emerald jewelleries. You could pair these with the lockets, pendants, necklaces etc. Opt this for any occasions looks gorgeous anyway. But make sure, when you're wearing shift dresses, or off shoulders, avoind wearing them.

3. Necklaces

Diamond And Emerald Jewellery For Women

Necklaces are just the right thing to trigger women. They tend to fall for this human invented piece of beauty. Opt this combination of diamond and emerald necklaces, to match with your wedding dresses. Make sure the wedding dress is quite sublime so its gives the best contrast to the dress.

4. Bracelets and Cuffs

Diamond And Emerald Jewellery For Women

In the process of accessorising we cannot leave out cuffs and bracelets. The best option to go with your wedding dress or any other ritualistic function. Not a casual thing to wear for parties, office or college, it's meant specifically for fancy events.

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