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On Her 100th Birth Anniversary, Amrita Pritam’s Unassuming And Minimal Fashion


So, those weren't the days of Instagram poets but rather pen and paper writers, who would wear something understated and unassuming. Their fashion was in tune with their work - straightforward and profound. In this context, one such writer with minimalist sensibilities was Amrita Pritam. Born on 31st August 1919 in Gujranwala, Pakistan, Amrita Pritam's fashion sense was humble, raw, and seemed so unaffected by the ruling trends. She was one of the most acclaimed writers but on her 100th birth anniversary, we would talk about her fashion.

From the pictures we have seen of Amrita Pritam, her fashion was definitely traditional but had a minimal edge. Since most of her pictures of hers were in black and white, so it gets hard to comment about the hues but that quintessential Punjabi style was certainly evident. She mostly wore Patiala salwar kameezes with sometimes plain and other times printed kurtas. Her dupattas were mostly sheer and light and crafted out of cotton. Sometimes, she even covered her head with those lightweight dupattas. However, for some special events, Amrita Pritam had also draped some intricately-patterned dupattas with plain salwar kameezes. It is quite interesting to note that as a writer she had no double standards or diplomacy and her wardrobe captured that essence.

However, Amrita Pritam was also a sari connoisseur. Her famous picture on the bed with a pen in her hand is a pure sari goal. Draped in what seemed like a colour-blocked sari, Amrita looked like poetry in motion. There were times when she even tied plain saris sans any patterns and embroideries. On rare occasions, she even slipped into denims and sweatshirts. Amrita Pritam's fashion sense was as real as her writing, minus any embellishments. Happy Birthday, Amrita Pritam!